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Creating a New Titan Direct Access Student Account/Bookshelf

This guide shows students how to create a new account/bookshelf at Vital Source in order to access their Titan Direct Access course materials ordered for their course(s).

INFO: Currently the Titan Direct Access Program is a new pilot program. Not all course materials will be listed in Titan Direct Access.  

1. Log into your CSUF Student Portal.

Follow the instructions at Logging into the Campus Portal, if you need assistance logging into the campus portal.

2. Under My Courses, click view ebook.

Under My Courses, click a view ebook hyperlink.

In your My Courses window click a view ebook... hyperlink to begin the setup of your VitalSource Bookshelf account.

3. View the registration instructions and then click Continue.

View registation instructions.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click Continue.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click Continue.

4. Enter your CSUF email address (i.e., then click Continue.

welcome to bookshelf screen

Enter your CSUF email address and Titan Direct Access will check to see if you have an existing account. If you do not, you will be presented with instructions to set up a new account.

  1. Type your CSUF email address: i.e.
  2. Click Continue.

WARNING: It is recommended that you only type your email address to create your Fullerton Bookshelf account for your Titan Digital Access course materials. 

**  DO NOT click No thanks, I'll skip this step. If you skip this step, you will not be able to view your ebooks on your Bookshelf.

New User Registration

1. If VitalSource indicates you do not have an existing account, create a new account.

If no VitalSource account is found for your email address, you will be asked to input information to create a new Bookshelf account for your CSUF course material.

  1. Enter your name the same way that it appears in Titanium to avoid issues using your Titan Direct Access ebooks with Titanium.
    • Type your name: (First Name) (Last Name)
    • Click the drop-down menu to select your security question.
    • Enter the answer for your security question.
    • Create a secure Bookshelf password (i.e. must contain at least 8 characters, an upper case letter, a lowercase letter, and a special character).
  2. Check the box I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  3. Click Finish.

INFO:  As long as your are an enrolled CSUF student, use your email to create your CSUF Bookshelf account.

2. It will take a few moments while VitalSource creates your Bookshelf account.

Wait a few moments while your Bookshelf account is being created.

After a few minutes, your account will be created. Skip to Step 5.

Existing User

1. If VitalSource confirms you already have a Bookshelf account with your address, enter your Bookshelf account password, then click Continue.

If you already have a VitalSource account type your Bookshelf password, then click Continue.

If a VitalSource Bookshelf account is found for your email address, enter your VitalSource Bookshelf password.

  1. Type your VitalSource Bookshelf password.
  2. Click Continue. 

2. Check the box "I agree to the Terms of User and Privacy Policy", then click Accept.

terms and privacy
  1. Check the box I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  2. Click Accept

5. Congratulations! You can now access the eMaterial in your CSUF Bookshelf account.

CSUF bookshelf

Once you have setup your Bookshelf account through your Portal, your Titan Direct Access course material will be imported in your VitalSource Bookshelf.  

Congratulations! You're done.

View this article to find out how to view your eBooks after you have completed this registration.

INFO:  Click each eBook (i.e. view ebook...) hyperlink in your Portal > My Courses to add your other campus eBook(s) into your VitalSource Bookshelf account.

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