Purchasing your Titan Direct Access ebooks Online

This guide shows students how to purchase their Titan Direct Access ebooks using their campus portal.

INFO: Currently the Titan Direct Access Program is a new pilot program. Not all course ebooks will be listed in Titan Direct Access.

INFO:  If a student is enrolled in a Direct Access course, this material can be accessed through their CSUF Portal > My Courses and TITANium account. This access is provided for free up until the add/drop deadline.  To maintain access to ebooks, students will need to submit their payment to Titan Shops (online or in-store).

1. Log into your CSUF Student Portal.

Follow the instructions at Logging into the Campus Portal, if you need assistance logging into the campus portal.

2. Under My Courses, click Buy for...

Under My Courses, click a Buy for hyperlink.

In your My Courses window click a Buy for... hyperlink to purchase your Titan Direct Access ebook.

INFO:  To purchase other campus ebook(s) listed in your Portal > My Courses, click each (i.e. Buy for...) hyperlink. You will be directed back to the Titan Shops to purchase your ebook.

3. Once at the Titan Shops website, follow the book store instructions (noted in green) to complete your purchase.

Proceed to purchase your CSUF course eMaterial(s).

Once at the Titan Shops website, follow the book store instructions to complete your purchase.

INFO:  If you need your book immediately, after the add/drop deadline date, we suggest that you purchase your eBook through Titan Shops.  Keep in mind, if you purchase your eBook online after the add/drop deadline date, allow 1 to 2 business days before you are able to access your content.

ALERT:  Purchases made after the add/drop deadline date are NON-REFUNDABLE.

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