Approving a Faculty Additional Employment Appointment

This article covers how authorized approvers in a department/college can use the Temp Faculty module to approve Faculty Additional Employment Appointments.

You may want to check in with the department coordinator to ensure that the appointments are ready for approval before proceeding.

1. Review the Appointment & Check Ready to Print Box

You will not be able to review appointment details on the FAE Approval page, so you will need to review the appointments on the Faculty Additional Employment Appointment page prior to approving.

Marking the appointments as ready to print will generate a PDF of the contract that can be retrieved by the department processor after the FAE Payroll Report is submitted.

Some colleges have the processor check the Ready to Print box at the top of the contract screen prior to notifying the college approver that the appointment is ready to approve.

Keep in mind that if you check the Ready to Print box and then changes are made to the contract, you may end up with multiple contract PDFs for the faculty for this same contract. You will need to be careful to retrieve the updated contract PDF and not the outdated one.

navigation to Faculty Additional Employment

1.2. Enter the Department ID and then click Search to find all appointments in a department. Select an appointment.

Find an Existing Value screen
  1. Enter the department ID of the department for which you will be running the FAE Payroll Report.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Select an appointment from the list.

1.3. Review the contract and make any changes. Place a checkmark next to Ready To Print?

Contract status/content page

1.4. Click Save at the bottom of the screen. Then either click Return to Search or Next in List to update other appointments if needed.

Save button on FAE contract
  1. Click Save to save your change,
  2. To choose another appointment to update, use Return to Search to go back to the search results or click Previous in List or Next in List to go to the previous or next listing in the search results.

1.5. Once you have reviewed all of the contracts and marked them as ready to print, you can move on to approving the contracts.

2. Approve the Appointment

2.1. Log in to PeopleSoft/CMS Human Resources.

Navigation path to approval
Department lookup

2.4. The active Faculty Additional Employment appointments will appear. Verify all the data on the approval page.

2.4.1. To review the faculty's job history, click Job History

2.4.2. Click Return to Faculty Additional Employment Approval Page when you are done reviewing this screen.

Job History page

2.5. Enter the appropriate New Action and New Reason codes.

The action/reason for faculty receiving a 2403 appointments for the first time should be HIR / CON. Refer to the faculty’s Job History to confirm.

Use the magnifying glass to look up the valid values for the New Action and New Reason fields.

2.6. Place a checkmark in the OK to Load column when the appointment(s) are ready for approval. Then click Save.

FAE appointments approval screen approve
  1. Place a checkmark next to each appointment after you have reviewed it and it is ready for approval.
  2. Click Save.

2.7. You're done! The appointments are now approved.

FAE appointments approval screen complete

Next Step

Need More Help?

For more information on the Faculty Additional Employment processes and whom to contact with questions about the processes, visit the Employment Services Faculty Salaries webpage.

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