Faculty Additional Employment Overview

This article contains an overview of the Faculty Additional Employment process for Additional Faculty Work for full-time faculty (1.0 FTE).

About This Process

The Faculty Additional Employment process replaces the Special Consultant Pay Request form for faculty whose additional assignments are paid from state funds.

These full-time faculty will need to have a new appointment created for them using job code 2403 (academic year appointments) or 4660 (work break appointments).

What are the steps in this process?

  1. A Faculty Additional Employment Request (FAER) Form located in My Workplace under eForms - Human Resources in the Payroll section must be completed and approved.
  2. A Faculty Additional Employment academic year appointment or work break appointment must be created in PeopleSoft Human Resources.
  3. The Faculty Additional Employment appointment must be approved in PeopleSoft Human Resources by the college/program approver.
  4. The Faculty Additional Employment Payroll Report must be run in PeopleSoft Human Resources, printed, signed, and sent to Payroll for processing.
  5. The Faculty Additional Employment appointment contracts must be retrieved from My Workplace in Titan Online, printed, and sent to the faculty for signature.

Who completes the Faculty Additional Employment Request Form? Who creates the appointment in PeopleSoft Human Resources?

It is up to each individual college to determine who fills out the Faculty Additional Employment Request Form(s) and processes the appointment(s) in PeopleSoft.

Who will approve the appointment(s)?

Once the department/college has processed the appointment, it will be approved by the college dean or program head designee.

How is the approver notified an appointment is ready for approval?

Processors should notify the college or program approver via email.

When can the appointment notice be printed?

College or program approvers notify the processors when appointment notices can be printed.  Processors can retrieve their appointment notices from My Workplace in Titan Online.  Verify with your college or program approver to determine how appointment notices should be handled.    

Where does the signed appointment notice go?

All signed appointment notices should be filed within the employee’s official personnel file in the college or program head office.

How is Payroll notified of new Faculty Additional Employment appointments?

Colleges or program staff will print the Faculty Additional Employment Payroll Report.  This report is submitted to Payroll Services by the college approver.  

Who do I contact for errors or data entry mistakes?

Contact your college or program approver.  Academic departments should always contact their college dean office designee first for assistance.

If the college or program head approver is not available, contact Academic Talent Management or the Office of the Provost.

Need More Help?

For more information on the Faculty Additional Employment processes and whom to contact with questions about the processes, view the Faculty Additional Employment website.

For training and how-to assistance, contact IT Training at 657-278-5647 or ittraining@fullerton.edu.

For technical assistance, contact the IT Help Desk at 657-278-7777 or helpdesk@fullerton.edu.