How Do I Access Titan Online?

This article covers how to log in to the campus portal to access PeopleSoft/CMS functionality on Titan Online.

Some functionality that is accessed via the portal requires a specific browser. Generally PeopleSoft works with all browsers, but whenever possible IT recommends that you do NOT use Internet Explorer.

You can customize your portal to add/remove/rearrange the widgets and links on your portal homepage. However, the link to Titan Online located in the left menu under your picture cannot be modified.

portal homepage
  1. Click on Titan Online.
  2. Or click on a link in the widgets on the portal homepage to jump to a function.

If you have trouble using the links in the widgets, go to the Titan Online page to access the feature.

3. Click Titan Online.

Titan Online landing page

Note that this page is where announcements about Titan Online availability are made as well as other announcements. If you are having trouble accessing Titan Online, you can check this page.

4. You can now access all of your PeopleSoft/CMS features on Titan Online.

Titan Online homepage

Depending on your role and your specialized access, you will see different sections (or portlets) appear.

Need More Help?

Faculty/Staff: Contact the IT Help Desk at 657-278-7777 or for assistance.

Students: Contact the Student IT Help Desk at 657-278-8888 or for assistance.