Accessing & Using the 25Live Testing Environment

This article covers how authorized users can access and use the 25Live testing environment to practice creating and publishing events without those events showing up on the live calendar.

You must have access to add events to a campus calendar in 25Live in order to access the testing environment. More information about access is available on the 25Live webpage.

Accessing the Testing Environment

1. Open your web browser to the 25Live testing environment.

Chrome address bar

2. Click Sign In at the top right of the page.

3. If prompted, enter your campus username and password. Then click Login.

campus portal login screen

4. You're now in the 25Live testing environment!

The 25Live testing environment has a bright orange banner at the top and is labeled as the 25Live test instance. This is an easy way to tell which environment you are in.

25Live testing environment homepage

Using the 25Live Testing Environment

This section contains information users need in order to use the 25Live testing environment and to preview the way a published event will appear.

For more information on creating and publishing events, view the Adding Events to Campus Calendars section.

Select the Calendar-TESTING as a resource to an event in order to view a published version of the event.

selected resources screen

When creating an event in the testing environment, you must select the Calendar-TESTING as a resource for your event if you want to view a published version of your event.

You can also add your department's calendar as a resource, but you won't be able to preview what the event will look like when published unless you add the Calendar-TESTING resource.

After publishing the event, open your browser to the Campus Events Calendar Example webpage.

Only the Calendar-TESTING calendar resource is published to this page. If you did not add Calendar-TESTING as a resource to your event, it will not show up here.

Remember that an event may take 15-20 minutes to be published.

After publishing your event in the 25Live testing environment, open your browser to:

Need More Help?

If you are experiencing issues with the 25Live testing environment or need access to the environment, please email