Reviewing Department Information

Log in to the Acalog Publisher

For best practices, use the Firefox browser:

  • Go to:
  • Sign in with your Username and Password (you can create your own password once you log in)

Note: your theme color will be green. Tuffy likes blue, so he changed it (look at the bottom of the screen for other options)

Select the Catalog

Using the pull-down menu, select 2020-2021 working catalog and click Go

Find Your Department

On the gateway to the left, click Hierarchy ...

... then, click the Hierarchy tab at the top

Here, you'll see a list of all colleges and departments. Notice that the icon to the left of the Art department is in color. This indicates that Tuffy has access to edit this department:

  • Click on your department (the icon next to it should be  in color), which will take you to its landing page

Review and Edit Department Information

If you'd like to preview your page to see how it currently looks in the 2020-2021 working catalog, click the Preview tab

A separate window will appear,  showing a preview of the page

Back on the landing page, click on the Edit tab

This is where you will make your edits.  If you'd like to expand the WYSIWYG editor to a full screen to be able to see all/most of the copy, click on the Maximize icon.

The expanded window allows you to see more of the editable copy

You can edit in either format. Please keep the following in mind when editing:

  • Edit only the Department Chair, Department Office/Website, Faculty, Introduction and Degree Descriptions sections
  • Do not create any new headers/sections
  • Do not add part-time faculty

 If you edited in the expanded WYSIWYG and have finished, click on the Maximize icon to return to the Edit  page

Save/Create Audit Event

Scroll down to the bottom of the page:

  • Click the Save and create new audit event alert button
  • Click the Next button. This will save your work

... and take you to the audit event page.

Complete Audit Event Alert:

  1. In the Enter Comments box,  you can describe what change(s) you made. This can be very brief
  2. Under Notify, select the second button (“Invite the people selected below to comment on this audit event, and send additional notification via email”)
  3. In the Group dropdown menu, select your department

If you'd like to compare your changes, scroll down to the Comparison Snapshot section and, from the dropdown menu, select an earlier snapshot to compare with the one you just created; then click Load Comparison

Once you're done, click Complete Audit Event Alert

Wrapping it Up

And, that's it! If you wish to see how your changes will appear in the catalog, click the Preview tab

You can log in at any time to make additional edits during the editing window


Contact Gail Matsunaga: x4095; or