Updating Adobe Creative Cloud App with Duo Authentication

This article covers how to update your Adobe Creative Cloud App with Duo authentication.

If you use Adobe mobile apps with your campus login, you may need to log in to them using similar steps to the ones below.

1. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud app.

2. Click on the profile picture at the top right. Then select Sign out.

Adobe creative cloud app

3. Click Continue.

confirm sign out

4. Once you are signed out, enter your campus email address and then click Continue.

creative cloud sign in

5. If prompted, click on Company or School Account.

Please note if you have a personal Adobe account that is tied to your campus email account, the personal Adobe account is not impacted by this update.

select account type

6. Enter your campus email address and then click Next.

microsoft sign in

7. Enter your campus email address. Then click Sign In.

Your campus email address should already be populated on this screen, but if not, you can type it in.

CSUF faculty staff authentication screen
  1. Enter your campus password. This is the same password that you use to log on to the campus portal.
  2. Then click Sign In.

8. Click Send Me a Push to authenticate with the Duo Mobile app.

Duo authentication

9. Tap Approve on your mobile device to approve the login.

duo login request

10. Choose whether or not you want to stay signed in.

If you are signing in to a computer you use frequently, choose Yes to reduce the number of times you are asked to sign in again.

stay signed in

11. You're done! It may take a few minutes for your Creative Cloud account to sync your settings and items (e.g., fonts, saved projects).

creative cloud desktop

Need More Help?

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