Wiring Request

This article covers how to fill out a wiring request to request a new outlet, move an outlet, or remove an outlet. The types of outlets you can request are: phone, data, cable TV, or other (i.e. audio-visual outlet).

1. Click on Telephone, Cellular, and Wiring.

IT Request Forms menu with Telephone, Cellular, and Wiring option highlighted

2. Click on Wiring.

Telephone, Wiring and Mobile menu with Wiring selected

3. Select the wiring type(s).

Wiring type field with Data/Network and Telephone checked

Place a checkmark next to each wiring type that is involved with the request. You can select multiple if several apply.

NOTE: Depending on which items you choose, you may have additional fields to fill out.

4. If you selected "Data/Network," choose which network.

Which network field with More information expanded and Public option selected

Select either Public or Private for the network.

NOTE: Click on More information to learn more about the difference between Public and Private networks.

5. If you selected "Other," enter the wiring type.

description for wiring request

6. Select the request type.

Request Type drop-down menu with Add selected

Select from the following request types:

  • Add (create a brand new outlet)
  • Move (move an existing outlet within the same room; i.e. if you are getting new modular furniture which will block an outlet, you may want to move that outlet a few inches)
  • Remove (completely remove an outlet from a room; i.e. if you are having a contractor remove an entire wall in a room, you may want to remove an outlet on that wall completely)

NOTE: You cannot move an outlet from one room to another. Also, if your department will no longer be using a room, you do not need to remove an outlet. When you move your computers and phones out of the room, the outlet will be inactive until another department requests new phones and a data jack activation.

7. Enter the location of the outlet.

Location field

For Add requests, this location should be where you want the new outlet to be placed.

For Move requests, you can enter the current location as well as instructions (i.e. move 6 inches to the left or move to opposite wall near desk).

For Remove requests, enter the current location of the outlet you want to remove.

8. Select the account code to be billed.

Account Code drop-down menu with account code selected

Select the account code to be billed if there are any charges for this request.

NOTE: If you would like a quote prior to submitting the order, contact Gabriel King at [email protected].

9. Click Add to Cart.

Wiring order with arrow pointing to Add to cart button on the right

10. If you do not have anything else to add to your cart, click Proceed to Checkout.

Order sidebar with Proceed to Checkout button highlighted

You can add other items/requests to your cart, but be sure that they are all related to the same person or situation (i.e. do not include an iPad order with a Wiring request; however, you could include a Schedule a Move request if you are moving a phone/computer to a room that does not currently have an outlet).

Click Proceed to Checkout when you are ready to submit the order.

11. Enter whom the request is for.

Requested For field with name populated

Enter the name of the person for whom you are submitting this request. For a wiring request, this could be a department tech. Or you can put your (the Department IT Coordinator) name.

12. In the Special instructions field, enter any notes about this request.

special instructions box

In the Special instructions field, enter any notes about this request. You may want to put details such as how many outlets you need or where outlets need to be moved or the date when you need this done (i.e. please remove this outlet by January 12th as construction will begin on January 13th; please move this outlet to the other side of the room to accommodate a new staff member who will be starting on January 15th).

NOTE: Wiring requests require a minimum of 10 days for processing, so be sure to allow enough time in your request. Allow extra time if you are requesting multiple outlets.

13. Click Checkout.

Shopping cart with Checkout button highlighted

When you are ready to submit your order, click Checkout.

14. You're done!

IT Request Form completion screen with REQ number highlighted

You will receive an email confirmation of your order. You should hear from a Telecom technician with a tentative date for your wiring work to be completed.

NOTE: You can use the REQ number when referencing this request with the IT Help Desk or Telecom.

Want to help your order move faster? For add and move wiring requests, consider putting a post-it note on the wall where you want the outlet. This will help the technician know exactly where you want a new outlet installed or a current outlet moved.