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Refreshing Titan Online to View Newly Added Sections

This article covers how faculty, staff, and student workers can refresh their Titan Online in order for newly added sections/functionality to show.

What can this fix?

This fix can help if you are not able to see a particular section on your Titan Online (such as Finance, Human Resources, Business Intelligence, etc.) even though you have requested and been granted access to that section.

1. Click on Layout at the top right of your Titan Online.

Titan Online screen

2. Click on the section that you are having trouble viewing and then click on one of the navigation arrows on the right.

Personalize Layout screen
  1. Click on the section you are having trouble viewing.
  2. Use the navigation arrows on the right to move the section (you can move it up, down, left, or right).

2.1. Don't see the section that you want to view? You may not have access.

If you do not see the section that you are trying to view, you may not have been granted access to it. Most of these sections require you to fill out an Access Request Form to request and receive access. Other sections are assigned based on your campus role(s). For example, Student Self Service is only viewable to students and Employee Self Service is only viewable to state-funded employees who are active in the CMS HR system.

For access to Student Self Service, contact Admissions & Records.

For access to Employee Self Service, contact Payroll, Benefits and Retirement Services.

If you are an ASI or ASC/Foundation employee and need to get access to Titan Online, please contact CMS Security.

If you submitted an Access Request Form and want to check on the status, please contact IT Training & Support.

3. Click Save.

Personalize Layout screen with modifications

Need More Help?

If these instructions did not work, please try clearing your browser's history.

If you still need help, please contact IT Training & Support at 657-278-5647 or [email protected] to track down the status of your request for that access.

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