Download & Install GlobalProtect (the VPN Agent)

This article will show you how to download and install the campus VPN agent.

For more information on the campus Virtual Private Network (VPN), view the document VPN Overview.

Before you begin:

If you do not currently have VPN privileges, go to and select VPN.  On this site you will fill out and submit the Software Request Form to request VPN access.

  1. You will need to install and authenticate the Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) tool. View more information on Duo.
  2. Ensure ALL security and software updates are not older than 7 days.  The GlobalProtect Client performs a Health Check to ensure the security of your system when accessing the campus VPN.


GlobalProtect Client Health Checks

GlobalProtect calls health checks Host Information Profiles (HIP). After the user installs the client, it runs an initial health check on the system and then keeps track of the systems health. When a user connects to campus, the client supplies the HIP status to the GlobalProtect Gateway. The HIP status is then used by firewall polices to allow or deny access to resources.

Supported Operating Systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome) must be up to date
Antivirus must be installed, running, up to date
Anti-Spyware  - (i.e. Windows Defender provides an anti-spyware) must be installed, running, up to date 
Firewall must be enabled
Patches must be up to date
Patch Management must be enabled (on devices that have the ability)

A complete list of the supported operating systems can be found at VPN Overview - GlobalProtect Supported Operating Systems.

Download the GlobalProtect VPN Client

To find your Windows 10 Operating System bit version,

1. Press the "Windows" icon + the "Pause" or "Pause Break" buttons simultaneously on the keyboard to access the System properties window.

Windows keyboard, Windows icon and Pause selected.

Or on your Windows 10 machine, right-click on the folder This PC > Computer >  My Computer > then select Properties.

2. Under "System", check the "System type" for the bit version of your machine.

Windows 10 computer system type

The GlobalProtect VPN client is currently supported and available for download for the following:

Google Playstore and Apple iTunes GlobalProtect logos

Install the GlobalProtect Setup Wizard.

This installation is performed on a Windows 10 - 64 bit computer.

1. After double-clicking on the GlobalProtect agent, click Next.

GlobalProtect Setup Wizard, Welcome page

2. Click Next to maintain the default folder.

GlobalProtect Setup Wizard, GlobalProtect, default folder

3. Click Next to confirm the installation.

After you Install the GlobalProtect VPN agent:

See the instructions Run & Authenticate to the Campus VPN to:

  • Run the GlobalProtect VPN agent on your local system (workstation or device), then
  • Authenticate on the campus VPN network using DUO 2-Factor Authentication

For this purpose of this document we will define local system and remote system as the following:

  • a local system is typically a system (computer) controlling the connection.
    • i.e. your personal (home) workstation, mobile device, or browser can have the GlobalProtect VPN agent installed on it
  • a remote system is typically a system (computer) being accessed.
    • i.e.  your office workstation or campus resources are items that can be accessed through the GlobalProtect VPN agent
GlobalProtect Setup Wizard, GlobalProtect installation confirmation

4. Congratulations, the GlobalProtect VPN agent has been installed, click Close.

GlobalProtect Setup Wizard, GlobalProtect completion

Need More Help?

Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.