Dropbox Integration

Dropbox has an integration feature with Adobe Sign. This will allow you to send documents for signature from your Dropbox and have the signed copy saved in Dropbox.

The instructions below will guide you through sending a document for the first time / setting up the Adobe Sign Account Authentication. 

Note: This can be done AFTER you have access to Adobe Sign

Step 1:

Go to Dropbox

Dropbox screen

Step 2:

Click the Share options drop-down

Share drop-down caret

Step 3:

Select Connect apps

Arrow pointing to Connect apps

Step 4:

Click the Connect button that corresponds to Adobe Sign

Arrow pointing to Connect button

Step 5:

Click the CSU Fullerton button

If you do not have a Fullerton AdobeSign account:

Arrow pointing to CSU Fullerton button

Step 6:

Click the Log in link

Arrow pointing to Login button

Step 7:

Click the Company or School Account option

Highlight of Company or School Account option

The page will refresh to show your document uploaded and ready for you to process

Highlighting of pre-populated fields

Step 8:

After you have send your document for signature, you will be presented with a confirmation screen that will give you a couple of options:

  1. Return to Dropbox - This will take you back to where you started in Dropbox
  2. Track Agreement - This will take you to the Manage tab in Adobe Sign to manage your agreement. 
  3. Change Designation Folder - This will allow you to specify another location in Dropbox where you would like the completed form to be stored. (Optional)
Highlighting of three options in Confirmation message


After you have connected to Adobe Sign, the next time you click the Share drop-down to send a document Adobe Sign should be listed as an option.

Arrow pointing to Adobe Sign option

Account Authentication Inactive

The relationship between Dropbox and Adobe refreshes as long as you continue to use the integration.

30 days of inactivity will cause the relationship to be deemed inactive, and "forgotten". 

If this happens, you will need to follow steps 1-7 to authenticate again.