Requesting a Waive

If you have completed a training at another CSU, you may request a waive for the CSU Fullerton requirement. This guide walks you through the process and required documents.

Requirements to request a waive

Criteria 1:

The course must have been completed at another CSU

Trainings completed at Community Colleges, UCs, or Third parties are not accepted

Criteria 2:

You must provide a Certificate of completion for consideration


Certificate of Completion Example

To obtain a Certificate of Completion you can contact the respective campus' coordinator or utilize the following guide: Accessing the Certificate of Completion

Requesting a Waive

Email the Course Owner and include the Certificate of Completion to request the waive

(see course owner list below)

Course Course Owner
Avoiding Conflicts of Interest (COI)
John Beisner
Campus Health and Safety Requirements - Online
Marcus Andronic
CSU: Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Program for Non-Supervisors (SHPNS)
Derek Bowe
CSU Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Program for Supervisors (SHP)
Sarah Bauer
Data Security & FERPA
Mike Hirad
Defensive Driver Program
Marcus Andronic
Gender Equity and Title IX

Sarah Bauer 
Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
Marcus Andronic
Understanding the Clery Act
Anne Grogan
Protecting Payment Card Information (PCI DSS)
Janet Le

Waive Decision

The Course owner will review your request. Note: the waiving decision is at the discretion of the course owner. 

Waive Approved

If your waive request is approved, you will be notified that the course has been updated.

The waive is for the period of the course recurrence

For example as Data Security is required annually, the waive will only apply for 1 year from the completion date.

Waive Denied

If the waive request is denied, you will be notified and provided a reason for the decision

Need More Help?

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