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Troubleshooting & Resources for Clearspan Engage WebEx Client

This article contains troubleshooting information and resources for the Clearspan Engage WebEx Client on PC and mobile.

Have a free WebEx account? It may cause a conflict with your Clearspan Engage.

If you have a free WebEx account that you have used on this same computer/mobile device, you will need to delete the account before you can sign in to Clearspan Engage. You may also need to uninstall the WebEx app if it is an outdated version of the app. Then install the new version of the app from the WebEx downloads page or Apple App Store/Google Play store

View instructions on how to delete your free WebEx account.

Can't find your account when signing in? You may be using an outdated version of the app.

can't find account error

The WebEx app used to be called WebEx Meetings. The WebEx Meetings app has been retired, but if you have it installed on your device or accidentally downloaded it, go back to the WebEx downloads page or Apple App Store/Google Play store to download the current WebEx app.

Did you get a "check your email" message when trying to sign in to Clearspan Engage WebEx? Your account may not be set up for WebEx.

check your email error

Although most campus softphone users have successfully been transitioned to the Clearspan Engage WebEx client, some accounts may not have transitioned properly.

To get your account transitioned to WebEx, send an email to [email protected].

Dropped calls? It may be GlobalProtect VPN or the campus Wi-Fi network.

There are currently two known issues causing dropped calls: using GlobalProtect CSUFVPN (at home) or using the eduroam Wi-Fi network (on campus). Telecom is working with the vendor to resolve this issue. In the meantime, here are some temporary solutions:

  • If you are at home and need to use VPN to access campus resources on your laptop/computer, consider using the Clearspan WebEx mobile app to make/receive calls instead of the PC/Mac app.
  • If you are on campus, plug your laptop into a wired/ethernet connection instead of using campus wireless. Need an adapter so your laptop can connect to wired networks? Contact Device Request for assistance.

Call Failure on WebEx mobile app? Turn off Clearspan Anywhere.

call failure on mobile app

If you are getting a Call Failure message on the Clearspan Engage WebEx mobile app and you are able to answer calls on the WebEx desktop app, the problem may be with Clearspan Anywhere. Essentially, the Clearspan Anywhere service and the WebEx mobile app are performing the same function: allowing you to answer your campus extension on a mobile device. You cannot have both services enabled at the same time.

However, you can use the Clearspan Engage WebEx desktop app and Clearspan Anywhere with no issues.

Solution: Turn off Clearspan Anywhere completely if you want to use the Clearspan Engage WebEx mobile app. View instructions on turning off Clearspan Anywhere.

The Clearspan Engage WebEx mobile app is recommended over Clearspan Anywhere as the mobile app will allow you more control over the call, such as being able to transfer the call to another campus extension.

Need More Help?

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