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Installing Office 2016 on a Mac for Students

This article covers how CSUF students can install Office 2016 on a Mac desktop or laptop.

If you have any other version of Office on your computer/laptop (i.e. Office 2008 or even Office 2016 etc.) you need to remove it before installing Office 2016. This will help avoid potential clashes between the two versions.

1.1. Move all of the Office applications from the Applications folder to the Trash.

1.2. Empty the trash and restart your computer.

2.1. Open your internet/web browser to the CSUF Office 365 webpage.

2.2. Click on Students.

CSUF Microsoft Office landing page

2.3. Enter your student email address and password. Then click Sign In.

CSUF Student Microsoft Sign In

2.4. Click Install Office and select Install software.

CSUF Office 365 homepage

2.5. Your download will begin. Depending on your internet connection, the download may take some time.

download started

You'll see general steps that outline the process you'll follow. Depending on which browser you are using, you may see the download at the bottom of your browser or in the Downloads menu in the web browser.

3.1. Double click on the Microsoft Office installer package once it finishes downloading.

downloads folder

You should be able to locate the installer in your Downloads folder.

3.2. Click Continue to start the installation wizard.

installer start

3.3. Click Continue after reading the software license agreement.

software license agreement

3.4. Click Agree to agree to the terms of the software license agreement.

agree software license agreement

3.5. Choose if you want to install Office for all users on your computer or just you. Then click Continue.

Most users will choose "install for all users of this computer."

destination select

3.6. Click Install to start the installation.

Be sure you have enough space on your computer before installing!

installation type

3.7. Depending on your computer’s security setup, you may need to enter your computer’s keychain password. Then click Install Software.

Note that this is the password for your computer which may not be the same as your campus password.

allow installation

3.8. The installation process may take some time. Be patient!

installation processing

3.9. Once the installation is complete, click Close.

installation complete

3.10. If prompted, you can click Move to Trash to delete the installer.

move installer to trash

The installer takes up quite a bit of room, so it can free up space on your computer to delete it once the installation is complete.

You'll only need to activate Office in one application and then you'll be signed in to the other applications.

4.1. Open up an Office application such as Excel. Click Get Started.

Excel whats new

4.2. Click Sign In.

sign in to activate

4.3. Enter your student email address and then click Next.

sign in to Microsoft

4.4. Enter your student email address and password. Then click Sign In.

CSUF Student Microsoft Sign In

4.5. You’re all done! Click Start Using Excel.

completed activation

Need More Help?

Contact the Student IT Help Desk at or 657-278-8888.

Visit the Student Genius Center on the first floor of the Pollak Library North. View the SGC website for their hours and more information.

For additional help and resources, view the Microsoft Office Help & Resources article

You are done. Great job!