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Installing Office 2016 on a PC for Students

This article covers how CSUF students can remove previous versions of Office, and download & install Microsoft Office 2016 on a PC workstation.

Remove previous versions of Office from your computer.

If you do not have a previous version of Office installed, proceed to Download Office 2016.

If you have any other version of Office on your computer/laptop (i.e. Office 2013, Office 2010, Office 2007 or even Office 365, etc.) you need to remove it before installing Office 2016.  This will help avoid potential clashes between multiple versions.  Screenshots for these steps were taken with Windows 7, but the steps are generally the same for Windows 10.

Why do I need to uninstall Office 2013/ Office 365 etc if I have it already?

This new version of Office 2016 includes additional programs but it also uses a different licensing system than the serial numbers that you probably used for your previous Office installation. To avoid any licensing conflicts, uninstall your previous Office installation and install a new version from Office 365.

What if these instructions don’t work for me?

Visit Microsoft’s website: to get specific step-by-step instructions for your Operating System.

1. Open the Control Panel.

Open the Control Panel

2. In the Programs menu, select Uninstall a program.

Control panel screen

3. Select the older version of Office.

Uninstall program screen

Click Uninstall.

4. Click Yes to begin the uninstall process.

Uninstall confirmation

5. Click Close when the uninstall wizard is finished.

End of uninstall

6. Restart your computer.

You will need to restart your computer to complete the uninstall process.

NOTE:  You MUST restart your computer before installing Office 2016.

Download Office 2016

Follow the instructions below to log on to Office 365, download Office 2016, and then follow the installation wizard instructions. Screenshots for these steps were taken with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer.  The steps are generally the same for Windows 10 and with other web browsers.

7. Open your browser to the STS software page and click Office 365.

STS software page

Open your browser to the Student Technology Services software page.

Click Office 365.

8. Click Get Started.

Install Office 365 section

9. Click Install Office 365.

Install Office 365 button

10. Sign into Microsoft Office Student Sign In with your current CSUF portal account.

CSUF Microsoft login screen
  1. Enter your campus username and password.
  2. Click Sign In.

NOTE: A current CSUF portal account means you must be a currently enrolled student actively taking classes at CSUF this semester.

11. Click Install Now.

NOTE: There are some default options, such as making Bing your default search engine, that are checked above the Install Now button. Review this and uncheck as necessary.

Install Office 2016

12. Follow the steps to install Office.

Installation Steps:

  1. Click Run.
  2. Click Yes to begin installation.
  3. Download my take a while, be patient.

Click Close after reviewing steps.

NOTE: The instructions above are for Internet Explorer, if using a different browser see: Depending on your browser your pop-up will be different...

12.1. Depending on your browser, your pop-up will be different...

Other browser pop ups

Go to the install pop-up in the browser.

Click Run (in Internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox).

13. You will see a We're getting things ready...

Office getting ready screen

Please wait while Office prepares your Office.  

14. The Office applications that are being installed will show on the Installing Office screen.

installing office screen

Launch Office 2016

15. Office Installation is complete.

Office installation complete

Click Close.

16. Launch an Office 2016 application.

Windows start menu

Click Start   >  All Programs.

NOTE: Shortcut icons are also created on the taskbar for the major Office applications.

17. Open any Office application to accept the Microsoft License Agreement.

Accept Office terms

Click Accept.

CONGRATULATIONS!!  You have successfully installed and validated your Microsoft Office 2016.

NEED HELP WITH THE INSTALLATION:  If you are experiencing problems with your Office installation? Try these helpful tips:

Update Office 2016

It’s likely that there are some security and bug fix updates for your Office installation. It is recommended that you check for Office updates before you start using Office 2016 applications.

How do I update Office 2016?

When you run Windows Update, it will now check for Office updates as well. Open your Control Panel and go to Windows Update. There may be several updates, so be patient as your system installs them. Some updates may require you to restart your computer.

Once your computer has installed your Office updates, you’re done! Start using your Office 2016 applications.

Need More Help?

Contact the Student IT Help Desk at or 657-278-8888.

Visit the Student Genius Center on the first floor of the Pollak Library North. View their website for their hours:

The Student IT Help Desk and Student Genius Center can assist with:

  • issues with logging into Office 365
  • issues with your Office software installation

For additional help and resources, view the Microsoft Office Help & Resources article