Adding a Landline to Your Duo Account

Duo is the two-factor authentication (2FA) service CSUF is using to secure login attempts to various campus services and applications. This article describes the steps needed to add a Landline (home phone, alternate phone, or cell) to your Duo account; this will allow you to use the landline to authenticate with Duo.

Your office phone number is already in the system and there is no need to add it.

1. Visit When adding an initial device you will need to be at your desk to answer your extension

Open up a web browser and go to

2. Enter your username and password and click Sign in

duoauth sign in prompt

3. Click on Add a new device

Add a new device

4. Click on Call me. You will receive a call on your office phone from Duo, press 1 to continue

choose an authentication method

5. Select Landline

what type of device are you adding

6. Enter the phone number

enter phone number

7. Select your default device and what action to take when you log in

It is recommended to keep your office phone as the default device

duo devices settings

8. Click on Save, click on Continue to Login

If you select a Landline as your default device and choose the option to automatically call this device, remember that you must always be available to answer that phone if Duo calls it.

9. Click on Call Me. Your office phone will ring. Press 1

choose an authentication method

10. When you see this screen you are done. You can sign out

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