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Faculty/Staff: Converting Your Existing Non-CSUF (Gmail, Yahoo, Etc) Dropbox

If you have an existing Dropbox account connected to a non-CSUF email account (such as or, you can link it to a new CSUF Dropbox for Business account by following the steps below.

1. Open your internet browser to

Open your internet browser to

2. Under Faculty & Staff Accounts, click Get Started.

3. In the video walkthrough, select I have a Dropbox account and then select My Dropbox is tied to a different email account (i.e. gmail, yahoo, etc).

4. Finish watching the video walkthrough and then select I’m Ready! Take me to the CSUF Dropbox Registration Page!

5. Enter your campus username and password. Then click Sign In.

CSUF Login screen

6. IMPORTANT: Be sure to read all of the information on the page with regards to the usage and best practices for Dropbox. After reading this information, place a checkmark next to I have read and understand CSUF’s guidelines for use of Dropbox. Then click Continue.

7. You will see a confirmation screen letting you know that an invitation email has been sent to your campus email account. Go check your campus email inbox!

Dropbox registration success page

8. You will see an email from CSU Fullerton via Dropbox ([email protected]) with the subject CSU Fullerton invited you to Dropbox for Business. Open it and click on the Join the CSU Fullerton team button.

CSU Fullerton Dropbox for Business invitation email

9. A welcome page will open in your default web browser. Click Get Started.

Dropbox welcome page

10. You will see your account information populated; please do not change any of this information. Place a checkmark next to I agree to the Dropbox Terms. Then click Create CSU Fullerton Dropbox.

Set up Dropbox for Business screen

11. Your individual Dropbox for Business account has been created! Click Continue.

Continue setup page

12. You can now click Sign In to connect your existing personal Dropbox to your new CSUF Dropbox for Business.

Personal Dropbox options

13. Enter the email address and password for your personal Dropbox. Then click Sign In.

Dropbox login screen

14. You’re done! Click Get Started to jump into your account!

Dropbox completion screen

On the right is your new CSUF Dropbox for Business account information. On the left is your personal Dropbox information.

15. You’re now at your main Dropbox screen! By default you are taken to your personal Dropbox account, but you can click on the CSU Fullerton link at the top left to switch to your CSUF Dropbox for Business account.

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