Canceling Registration for an ILT Class

These instructions cover how to cancel registration for an instructor-led (in-person) training class.

Table of Contents

Step 1: 

Start on the Employee Training Center (ETC) Dashboard.

Step 2:

Click the Self icon in the top left corner.

Arrow pointing to Self icon

Step 3: 

In the left-hand panel, select Learning.

Arrow pointing to Learning

Step 4:

Select Registrations.

Green arrow pointing towards Registrations.

Step 5:

Select the check box next to the desired class you would like to cancel registration for.

Registrations page. Green arrow pointing towards a checkmarked box next to a class name.

Step 6:

Select Cancel Registration.

Registrations page.  Green arrow pointing towards Cancel Registration button.

Step 7:

A page will appear with a cancellation confirmation.

Cancellation confirmation page.

The confirmation will show cancellation for the ILT course as well, but will still keep other classes under the same ILT course if you have registered for them.

Step 8:

Click on the Confirm Cancellation button.

Cancellation confirmation page. Green arrow pointing towards the Confirm Cancellation button.

Step 9:

Your page will automatically refresh to show only your current registrations.

Updated page of class registrations.