How To Upload Updated Training

These instructions cover how to upload updated training to the Employee Training Center. Please contact the Employee Training Center prior to updating.

Table of Contents

Step 1

Click the Administration icon on the Employee Training Center (ETC) Dashboard

Step 2

Click Product Administration

Step 3

Select Learning

Step 4

Select Learning Activities

Step 5

The screen will refresh to the Learning Activities page

Search for the course

Step 6

Click the Edit button for the course you would like to edit

Step 7

Click the Send to Stage button to edit the course

Step 8

Click the Optional button

Step 9

Under Web Based Training, click General

Step 10

Click Browse to select updated file and attach

Step 11

Provide a reason

I.e. Updating content in training

Step 12

Scroll down and make sure that the 'Enable content replacement when manifest file is modified' checkbox is selected

Step 13

Click Next

Click Next

Click OK

Step 14

Click the Validate for Production button

If you get a error, give the system a few minutes and try again.

Step 15

Click the Move to Production button