How to Inactivate Notifications (DRAFT)

This guide covers how to inactivate notification templates for a training.

Step 1:

Click on the Admin icon on the Employee Training Center dashboard.

Step 2:

Select Product Administration.

Arrow pointing to Product Administration

Step 3:

Select Learning.

Arrow pointing to Learning

Step 4:

Select Learning Activities

Arrow pointing to Learning Activities

Step 5:

The screen will refresh to the Learning Activities page.

In the Search field, type in the name of the training.

Arrow pointing to Search field

Step 6:

Click on the Search button to generate search results of trainings.

Arrow pointing to Search button

Step 7:

Click on the Edit button for the training you would like to inactivate notifications for.

Step 8:

Click on Stage in the top left-hand corner of the page to switch from Production to Stage mode.

Step 9:

Click on the Optional button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Step 10:

The Learning Activity Properties page will show.

Scroll down. Under Notifications, click on System.

Step 11:

The screen will refresh to the Notifications page.

Select Active in the View dropdown menu located on the upper right-hand side of the Notifications page.

Step 12:

Select the Check box next to the notification template you want to inactivate.

Step 13:

Click on the Inactivate button.

Step 14:

Click on the OK button located on the bottom right-hand of the Notifications page.

Step 15:

Click on the Validate For Production button.

Step 16:

Click on the Move To Production button.

The screen will refresh to a loading message.

A message confirming the activity has been successfully moved to production will show at the top of the Learning Activity Properties page. This message indicates the activity has been updated with the changes.