How to download images from Shutterstock

Step 1:

Log into to Shutterstock

Step 2:

Search for image

When selecting images you want to get images that show a diverse group of people: Age, race, ability, etc.

Step 3:

Hover over image, click the Download link

Shutterstock homepage pointing to Download link

Step 4:

Click on Confirm download button

Arrow pointing to Confirm download button

Step 5:

Open downloaded image and save to PC (Laptop)

Arrow pointing to image caret
Box highlighting Open option

Step 6:

Move to appropriate Dropbox folder

  • People
    • People using computers
    • People in a classroom
    • People in a meeting room
  • Students
  • Computer
  • Signs (Important, Urgent, Priority, Danger, Stop)

Step 7:

Rename image appropriately

Shutterstock image name
Updated image name