Creating the Staff Evaluation

This guide provides instruction on creating a Evaluation for staff

Step 1:

Enter the employee's CWID in the Empl ID field

Step 2:

Click the caret drop-down to select Evaluation Type

Evaluation Type options

Step 3:

Click on the calendar icons to select the reflective dates 

Circles highlighting calendar icon to change date

Step 4:

Select the appropriate radio dial to indicate if the employee is an Athletics Employee

Athletic Employee radio options

Step 5:

Select the appropriate radio dial to indicate if the Position Description is current

Position Description Current radio options

Step 6:

Click on the Pre-Performance Evaluation tab to see any information provided by the employee

Arrow pointing to Pre-Performance Evaluation tab

Step 7:

Click on General Skills

Arrow pointing to General Skills tab

Step 8:

For each header item

A: Click the caret to see options

B: Select the appropriate importance option

C: Select the appropriate rating

Step 9:

Follow the same steps for each of the Skills

Arrow highlighting skill tabs

Note: If you select N/A, you will not be presented with rating options

N/A  option

Step 10:

Click on the  Additional Criteria tab

Additional Criteria Tab

Step 11: (Optional)

Specify any additional criteria

If you do not  / need to add additional criteria, skip to Step 15

Step 12: (if you added additional criteria)

Click on the caret to indicate the level of Importance to the position

Step 13: (if you added additional criteria)

Select the appropriate rating

Step 14: (if you added additional criteria)

Provide support reasoning for the selected rating

Supporting verbiage for additional criteria

Step 15:

Click on the Overall Rating tab

Overall Rating tab

Step 16:

The Rating Suggestion will populate based on previous selections

Click on the Overall Rating caret to select preferred Overall Rating

Step 17:

Click on the Comments tab

Comments tab

Step 18:

Provide comments to support performance factors and ratings

Step 19:

Click on the Performance Goal Setting tab

Performance Goal Setting Tab

Step 20:

Provide responses for each of the prompts

Step 21:

Click on the Supporting Documents tab

Supporting Documents tab

Step 22: (Optional)

Click on the Attach button to upload document(s)

Arrow pointing to attach button

The attachment will show under the respective Attach button

Overview of attached document

Step 23:

Click on the Signature and Acknowledge tab

Signature and Acknowledgement Tab

Step 24: (Optional)

Provide any additional comments

Step 25:

When you are ready, click on the Submit button 

Arrow button pointing to Submit button

Upon submitting, the employee will be notified and the evaluation will be available for the employee to review.