Reviewing Your (Staff) Evaluation

After you Manager has drafted your Evaluation, you will be able to review it and add input. Please see the instructions below:

Step 1:

Click through each tab to review information and ratings selected

Staff Evaluation tabs

Step 2:

Click on the Signature and Acknowledge tab

Signature and Acknowledgement tab

Step 3:

Review Comment (if listed)

Overview of Comments (optional) field

Step 4:

Indicate if you have input

If you have input go to Step 5

If you do not have input go to Step 7

Step 5:

If you have input:

  • Please use the comment box to submit input OR
  • Send directly to MPP Supervisor within the draft review period provided for in the CBA

Step 6:

Click the Have Input button to send it back to the manager 

Arrow pointing to Have Input button

Skip to Step 8

Step 7:

 Click the No Input button to send it to your Manger

Arrow pointing to No Input button

Step 8: (Optional)

Leave comment

Step 9:

Click the Confirm button

Step 10:

Click the Done button to exit

Upon submitting, the form will go to your manager for review.