Adding Additional Approvers

These instructions cover how an employee can add additional approvers to a workflow for approving travel requests and expense reports.

Adding additional approvers is required if there are other funds, departments, or divisions paying for expenses.

If you need assistance with logging into Concur, please go to Logging into Concur.

Adding Approvers in an Travel Request

Step 1: From the Concur dashboard, click on Requests.

Concur portal. The requests tab on the top-left corner is highlighted by a green square. There is also a green arrow pointing towards it.

Step 2: Click on the Travel Request that needs additional approvers added.

Requests tab has been opened. There is a title labeled "Active Requests" on the top left corner. Highlighted by a green square there is the following text, "JUL 2018 San Francisco, CA To attend Google Cloud Next 18 Conference at the Moscone Center." There is a green arrow pointing towards the request.

Step 3: Click on the Approval Flow tab.

The request 37fw has been selected on. Within the request, there are multiple tabs. These tabs are request header, segments, expenses, approval flow, and audit trail. There is a green arrow pointing towards approval flow, and it is highlighted by a green square.

Step 4: Hover over the "Plus" icon.

  • Left icon to add after
  • Right icon to add before
Within the approval flow, there is the option to add an additional approver represented by a plus sign. The plus sign is located on the right-hand side when the approval flow tab is opened. There are two plus signs. The first one is to add a step after this step, while the second one is to add a step before this step.

Step 5: Click on the appropriate icon and type in the name of the approver that needs to approve the travel request.

The employee needs to have an approval role in Concur to appear in the dropdown to be added to the workflow.

Within the approval flow tab, the appropriate plus sign had been clicked on and it created a drop-down menu. This drop-down contains the list of employees who can be approvers. With this example, the individual named "Langsdorf, William" has been selected.

Step 6: Once the approver has been added you can repeat steps 4-5 to add additional approvers, as appropriate.

Approvers. There are a total of three approvers that have been included in the approval flow.

Step 7: When you have finished adding approvers, you can finish completing your travel request and submit it for approval by clicking on the Submit Request button.

The submit request button on the right-hand side is highlighted.

Adding Approvers in an Expense Report

Step 1: Select the expense report you want to add additional approvers.

Expense report where you can add the additional approver.

Step 2: Go to Report Details and select Report Timeline.

To add an approver, select Report Details, then Report Timeline. Green highlights showing steps.

Step 3: The Report Timeline window will display and under Approval Flow, you will see the workflow.

Report timeline will display, showing where the Approval Flow is located.

Step 4: Select Edit next to Approval Flow.

To edit the approval flow, select Edit. Green highlights showing location.

Step 5: The Edit Approval Flow window will display. Select Add Step to add an additional Approver.

Use Add Step to add an approver. Green Highlights showing location.

Step 6: Use the User-Added Approver field to search for the approver.

Use the User-Added Approver field to search. Green highlights showing location.

Step 7: Once you find the approver, select their name.

When you find the approver's name, select it. Green highlights showing location of how to select the approver.

Step 8: The additional approver will be added. Click Save when you are done.

Select Save button to update the workflow. Green highlights showing location of Save button.

Step 9: The Approval Flow will save. Click Close when you are done.

Close the Report Timeline window when you are done. Green highlights showing where to find to the Close button.

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