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Adding Expense on a P-Card Paid by Others

These instructions cover how a traveler can add an expense to their report when someone else paid for their expense.

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If you need assistance with logging into Concur, please go to Logging into Concur.

How to Add an Expense

Step 1: Select Expense at the top of the homepage.

Green arrow pointing to Expense link on Concur dashboard.

Step 2: Then, click on the Report that has not been submitted yet.

Green arrow pointing to active Expense Report.

Step 3: Click on Add Expense to create a new expense on your Expense Report (if you have not already created one).

Step 4: Under the Create New Expense tab, click on the expense that needs to be added.

Step 5: Once you have added Airfare as a new expense, fill out the required fields (as noted in red).

Step 6: In the Payment Type field, select P-Card Paid Travel by/for Others.

Under Payment Type field, select P-Card Paid Travel by/for others.

Adding P-Card Holder's Name

Step 7: In the Comment box add the p-card holder's name. This will be the person who paid for the expense.

Use the Comment box to add P-card Holder's name.

Step 8: Attach your receipt by using the Attach Receipt Image Window.

Green arrow pointing towards Attach Receipt Image window.

Step 9: When you are done, click Save Expense.

Green hightlights pointing towards Save Expense button.

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