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P-Card Goods & Services Expense Report (UI Upgrade)

A P-Card Goods/Services Expense Report will be required for any good and/or service purchases made on your P-Card. This Expense Report will serve the same purpose as the P-Card Reconciliation Packet.

These instructions will cover the full process of creating and submitting a P-Card Expense Report in the New User Interface.

To determine what is considered goods & services, please refer to the link below for more information.

Purchase Goods and Services Matrix

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Table of Contents:

If you need assistance with logging into Concur, please go to Logging into Concur.

Creating P-Card Expense Report

Step 1: On the Concur Dashboard, click on Expense tab at the top.


Click on the Expense tab to access your expense reports.

Step 2: The screen will refresh to the Manage Expenses page, where you have the option to either Create New Report or Edit Expense Report.

Click on Create New Report.

Click on Create New Report to start an expense report from scratch.

Step 3: Select the policy.

Note: The Policy field defaults to State Travel.

For the p-card expense report, you will need to change the policy in the policy field.

Step 4: For P-Card Expense Report, click on the drop-down to select State P-Card as the policy.

Change the policy from State Travel to State P-Card.

Step 5a: The fields will update upon the policy selection.

Fill out the required fields (marked with the red asterisks *) and appropriate fields.

The fields with the red asterisks are required and need to be filled out.

Step 5b: In the Report Name field, make sure to follow the appropriate naming convention as followed.

Example: [Month] [Year] P-Card

               JUL 2018 P-Card

The Report Name for the p-card expense report should be: Month Year P-Card.

Step 5c: Leave Report Date as the date that you are creating the report.

The report date is the date that you are starting the report on.

Step 5d: In the Billing Period Start Date and Billing Period End Date, click on the calendar to select the appropriate dates of the Billing Cycle .

The Billing Period Start Date and End Date need to match the Billing Cycle Dates.

For a list of the Billing Period Start and End Date, go to the Billing Cycle Dates Handout.

Step 5e: Your Division field and Department ID field will auto-populate, based on CMS.

Note: If your Division or Department ID field is incorrect, please contact Payroll to make the corrections at or 657-278-2521.

Your division and department will auto-populate based on CMS.

Step 5f: Select the Fund field that is appropriate with your department.

Note: You can either type in the name of the fund, or the code of the fund.

If you are not sure of the Fund code, ask your budget coordinator of the department.

You will need to select the correct fund code.

Step 6: Class, Program, and Projects are optional fields that can be specified.

You can fill out the Class field.
You can fill out the Programs field.
You can fill out the Project field.

Step 7: After you fill out the required and appropriate fields, click on the Create Report button in the bottom-right corner.

Click on Create Report to create your expense report.

Step 8: Your Expense Report has been successfully created.

You may add any expenses for the specified billing cycle into the report, or you may exit the report by clicking on the SAP Concur logo.

To return to the dashboard select SAP Concur.

Adding Expenses to P-Card Expense Report

Step 1: On the Concur Dashboard, click on the Expense tab at the top.

To add expenses, click on the Expense tab.

Step 2: Next, click on View Transactions.

Click on View Transactions to see your expenses.

Step 3: The screen will refresh to show Company Card Charges.

Under Company Card Charges, you can view your p-card transactions.

Step 4a: If you have multiple P-Cards, verify you have the correct P-Card selected under Card Activity.

  • Do not mix two different P-Cards in one Expense Report.
  • Each P-Card will require an individual Expense Report.
Under Card Activity you can change your view to see transactions that belong to different p-cards.

Step 4b: Click on the Time Period drop-down to select your preferred search option.

Under Time Period you can change your search option.

Step 4c: Once you have filtered the transactions, select the appropriate expenses for P-Card Expense Report.

Note: A P-Card Expense Report should only include goods and services.

Any travel-related expenses will go on a Travel Expense Report.

You can select which transaction you want to move to a report.

Step 4d: In the Add Charges To drop-down, select the appropriate Expense Report.

You have the option to select the Expense Report you have already created, or you can select New Expense Report.

Under the Add Charges To drop-down, you can move your transactions.

Step 5: After you've selected the expenses and the appropriate report, click on Add Selected button.

Select Add Selected to complete the process for adding transactions to a report.

Step 6: The expenses you've checked have been moved to the Expense Report you've selected.

You will see your transactions have been moved to a report.

Edit/Review Expense Report

Step 1: On your Concur Dashboard, select the Expense tab.

To edit or review your expense report, select the Expense tab.

Step 2: Select the Expense Report you would like to review or edit.

Note: You can still review an Expense Report that has been submitted.

Under Report Library, you can edit or review your expense report.

Step 3: If you selected a Submitted Expense Report, you will be able to review the Report Summary.

To make any edits you will be required to select the Recall Report button.

To recall your expense report, select Recall Report.

Step 4: A confirmation message will pop up.

Select the Yes button.

Select yes when you see the confirmation window.

Step 5: You will receive a message indicating the Expense Report has been recalled, i.e. Returned.

You can now edit the Expense Report as needed.

Your expense report will be returned and you can start making edits.


If you would like to use a checklist, please click on P-Card Goods and Services Expense Report Checklist. 

Need more help?

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