Copy Travel Request

These instructions cover how to copy a Travel Request in Concur. Copying a travel request is available for users if they are going to the same location for a future date or want to save time when amending an travel request.

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Table of Contents

If you need assistance with logging into Concur, please go to Logging into Concur.

Locating Existing Travel Request

Step 1: From the Concur dashboard, click on Requests.

Concur dashboard. There is a green arrow pointing towards the "Requests" tab on the top left corner.

Step 2: Locate the travel request you want to copy.

Copying the Travel Request

The following steps are tips to consider when copying a travel request.

Step 1: Once you have located the travel request you want to copy, click on the checkbox listed next to the request.

Step 2: Click on the Copy Request button.

Step 3: The Copy Request Window will display and you will be required to fill out the appropriate fields.

Copy Request window will display on user's page.

Step 4: For Request Name, delete the words "copy of" and make sure the naming convention is accurate.

Green highlight showing Request Name field being modified.

Step 5: For Starting date for New Request, it is your responsibility to select the appropriate start date for your trip.

If you are amending an existing travel request, make sure the start date matches the same date that is listed on the approved travel request.

Green highlight showing "Starting date for New Request" being filled out.

Step 6: Check the box for Expected Expenses if you want all of the expenses to copy over to this new travel request.

Green highlight showing checkbox being selected for Expected Expenses.

Step 7: When you are finished click on the OK button.

Green highlight showing OK button being selected.

Step 8: The new travel request will be created and you will need to make the appropriate edits to the Request Header and expenses.

Refer to Amended Travel Request Instructions for more information.

Submitting Travel Requests for Approval

Step 1: Once you have finished adding your expenses to the new Travel Request, select Submit Request. 

Top right-hand corner of the Travel Request. There are four options to select from. These four options are attachments, print/email, delete request, and submit request. The last option, submit request, is highlighted in green and has a green arrow pointing towards it.

Step 2: You will need your new Travel Request approved by your designated approver before you can link this Travel Request to your expense report.

Refer to Concur Attachments for instructions on how to link your Amended Travel Request to your expense report.

Pending Requests tab. On the lower right-hand corner, there is a status field that is displaying the following text: Submitted & Pending Approval - Peterson, Sloane." This text is highlighted in green, with an arrow pointing towards it.

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