Removing Expense Reports

These instructions cover how to delete an expense report in Concur.

Table of Contents:

If you need assistance with logging into Concur, please go to Logging into Concur.

Accessing Expense Reports

Step 1: Log into Concur, and once on the Concur Dashboard, click on the Expense tab.

Step 2: When the page refreshes, click on one of the reports that says $0.00.

Deleting Expense Reports

Step 1: After the page refreshes, you will be inside the expense report. Click on the trashcan icon next to the title of the expense report to delete the report.

Step 2: A pop-up will appear asking you if you are sure that you would like to delete the report. Here, you can click the Delete button.

Green hightlights pointing towards Delete button.

Step 3: The page will refresh back to the expense tab, and you will see that the report has been deleted.

Repeat steps 2-4 to delete the remaining 3 $0.00 reports.

Need more help?

Contact Concur Support at or at 657-278-3600.