How to Log in with DUO

DUO Login

1. Install the DUO Application from the App Store on your smart phone.

2. In the search engine of your internet browser, please type in this link to access SnipeIT.

3. To access your account log in, an administrator will have to create the account for you first.

4. Enter the username and password that you created using the SnipeIT link.


5. Each time you would like to access SnipeIT, you will have to enter a Two Factor Authentication Code. This authentication code will be shown on the application on your smart phone device.

Note: Do not include a space between the two authentication codes.

6. Enter this two factor authentication code into this click box on your computer screen.

7. You will now be successfully logged into SnipeIT and the CSUF Fullerton PCI Tracking System Dashboard will be shown on your screen.