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Create an Asset (Virtual Technology) Instructions

Virtual Technologies Asset Instructions

Go to the Fullerton SnipeIT home page website by accessing this link:

1. On the top right hand corner of your screen, click on the Create New drop- down and select Asset.

2. Select the Company that your asset is from.

3. For the model, select "Hardware--Virtual Technology".

4. For Virtualization Solution, enter the virtualization solution vendor (or internal).

5. For Scoping Category, select and scroll down to see what category your virtual technology controls.

Note: For each category, there is a description of what it stores / controls.

6. For IP Address, enter in the IP address of your virtual technology.

7. For Access to CHD, select "Yes", "No", or "Indirect"

8. For Network Zone, list where this network server is used for.

9. For Network/VLAN Name, enter in the name of VLAN and IP Range.

10. For Console Server Name, this is the Controlling Console information (name or alias)

11. For Mixed Mode, if the mode is mixed, select "Yes", if the mode is not mixed, select "No".

Note: Are there both in-scope and out-of-scope systems on this hypervisor?

12. For Number of In-Scope Images, this shows the total number or estimated range of in-scope virtual servers on hypervisor image.

13. For Image OS Types, List the OS types (Vendor/Version) issued by the hypervisor instance.

14. For DUO Installed, select "Yes" if there is a DUO or "No" if there is no DUO.

15. For Contact, enter the name and email address of the employee(s) that is the main contact for this virtual technology.

16.  For Status, select what is the current condition if your virtual technology either "Active", "In Use", or "Archived".

17. For Checkout to, select a "User", "Asset", or "Location".

Note: If you Checkout to a physical location, include where the data center or physical location. If the location has not been used previously, you will have to select new and create a new location for your asset.

18. For Asset Name, enter in what is the name of your virtual technology.

19. If you have any more categories you would like to include, please do so before saving your asset. To save, select the Save button on the right hand corner of your SnipeIT window screen.