Bulk Audit Instructions

These instructions are for the first time that you insert an asset or if you need to set an audit schedule.

Go to the Fullerton SnipeIT home page website by accessing this link:


1. Click on the Assets tab on the left hand side of your screen.

2. Under the Assets tab, click on Bulk Audit.

3. Your screen should look like this, titled Bulk Audit.

4. For Asset Tag, include the name of the asset that you have inserted.

5.1 For Location, set the location of where your asset resides.


5.2 If you do not see the location of your asset, click on New to create a new location.

5.3 In the pop-up window titled Create Location, enter in the Name, City, and Country of your location.

5.4 Select Save to save your new location.

6. For Next Audit Date, it will automatically be saved to a year from when you are inserting your asset. Please update this to be the appropriate next audit date for the type of asset you are auditing.

7. For Notes, include any extra information you would like to about your asset.

8. To save your bulk audit, click on the Audit button.