A&F Internal Portal

These instructions cover how to access the A&F Internal Portal.

Warning: Certain features do not work on Internet Explorer. Please use Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

Accessing A&F Internal Portal

Step 1: Go to the Division's Team Portal.

Step 2: On the Smartsheet login page, select the Microsoft button to log in using single sign-on.

Smartsheet login page displayed. Microsoft button is highlighted by green box and arrow.

Go to Logging in to Web Apps with DUO Authentication for instructions on how to sign in with DUO.

If you have not created your Smartsheet account, go to Setting up SSO Through Office 365 in Smartsheet for further instructions.

Step 3: Enter your CSUF campus email address and click on the Next button.

Sign in page displayed. You can enter your email address and click on the Next button when you are ready. Green highlight box and arrow showing location of the Next button.

Step 4: On the CSUF Authentication page, enter your password and click on the Sign in button.

CSUF Faculty/Staff Authentication login page displayed. Green highlight box and arrow showing location of the Sign in button.

Step 5: Based on your preference, select Yes or No.

If you have previously signed into Microsoft and selected the "Don't show this again" checkbox, you will not see this option. Skip to Step 6.

Stay Signed in window displayed. The window ask if you want to stay signed in to reduce the number of times you are asked to sign in. You can select yes or no. Green highlight box showing location of the yes and no buttons.

Step 6: The A&F Internal Portal will load.

A&F Internal Portal Dashboard