Interpreting the Titan Degree Audit

This article covers how faculty, staff, and students can interpret the sections of the Titan Degree Audit (TDA).

Report Heading

The Report Heading shows important information such as major, degree catalog year, and anticipated graduation date.

Interactive graph and pie chart

These charts and graphs are a visual representation of a student's progress in General Education (GE) requirements.

NOTE: at this time, the TDA graphs do not include major requirements.

TDA - Total Unit Requirement charts

TDA - Total Unit Requirement pie chart with mouse hovering over a section to display the value

The pie chart displays the overall total units complete (green) and unfulfilled (pink). The GPA bar graph displays the cumulative GPA.

If you hover your mouse over a section of the pie chart or bar graph, the exact number represented in the chart will display.

GE Categories bar graphs

GE Categories bar chart with mouse hovering over a section to display the value

The bar graph displays the General Education categories and the progress towards completion of each category. Green indicates units completed; pink represents unfulfilled units. The GPA bar graph shows the GPA associated with each GE category.

If you hover your mouse over a section of the GE category, the exact number represented in the graph will display.

Click on a section of the GE category to drill down into that category.

Drill down into categories to view more detail.

Category GE A to E bar graph with red arrow pointing to Audit link at top left

When you click on a category, the charts will display unit and GPA information relevant to that level only. Below the graphs, the body of the audit provides more detailed information on the coursework completed in each of the categories displayed on the charts.

You are able to drill down several levels in some categories.

Click the Audit link to go back to the main audit.

Course History graph and table

GE Categories charts with arrow pointing to Course History tab

Click on the Course History tab to view a graph and table of courses taken.

Course History bar graph

Course History bar graph with mouse hovering over a section to display the value

The Course History bar graph shows the number of units that were completed in each semester along with a line indicating the GPA for each semester.

If you hover your mouse over the bar graph, the exact number represented in the graph will display.

If you click on a semester, the Course History table below the graph will filter to show just that one semester's courses.

Course History table

The Course History table will list all courses that have been completed toward a degree as well as in-progress courses. You may filter these results by grade or by semester.

Titan Degree Audit: Overview and General Education Requirements

Final Evaluation, Degree Checkout, Contacts, and Legend

TDA body; Step1: a message indicating there are missing requirements; Step 2: Final Degree Evaluation and Degree Checkout status; Step 3: Evaluations Unit contact information; Step 4: Legend of terms used in TDA
  1. If there are unfulfilled requirements, you will see a notation at the top of the body of the TDA.
  2. Final Evaluation will show the status of the evaluation of transfer coursework (if applicable). This section will also show the student's Degree Checkout Status when applicable.
  3. Contact information for the Admissions & Records Evaluations Unit is listed if you find any errors on the TDA.
  4. The Legend shows the symbols that are used throughout the TDA.

Placement Examinations

Placement Evaluations status section

This section shows the status of any placement examinations that are required.

General Education Program

General Education Program with red arrow pointing to a course ID in a missing requirement section

This section consists of the General Education requirements, starting with the Core Competencies. There are symbols next to each requirement indicating whether the requirement has been met (green checkmark) or not (red x). When a requirement has been met, the course that met the requirement is listed along with the grade received. Where the requirement has not been met, a list of eligible courses appears.

Click on an eligible course to learn more about it.

NOTE: if a transfer course met a GE requirement, the transfer school will show along with the course title. For articulated classes, the CSUF course title will show.

View eligible course details

Course details for a missing requirement fulfillment course

When you click on a course that meets a specific requirement, the university catalog details for the course appear in a new window. You can also print the details.

In Progress Courses

In Progress notation highlighted in red

Courses that are in progress are shown as IP.

General Education Summary

General Education Summary section

At the end of the GE section is a summary of the units needed to meet general education requirements and how many units have been earned so far.

Titan Degree Audit: Major Requirements

The list of major requirements varies per program. Most include the following course types:

  • Core
  • Required Concentration Courses
  • Concentration Electives

GPA and Core Requirements

Major Requirements; Step 1: minimum grade point average requirements; Step 2: Core Requirements
  1. All majors have a minimum grade point average requirement.
  2. In this major, Biology, there are Core Requirements, Gateway Courses, Upper-Division Electives, and Upper-Division Lab/Fieldwork.

GPA of Attempted Major Courses

GPA of Attempted Major Courses section

At the end of the major requirements, the latest units earned and GPA summary will display.

Upper Division Writing Requirement

Upper Division Writing Requirement section

The Upper Division Writing Requirement is specific to each major.

NOTE: Effective May 25, 2012, undergraduate students are no longer required to take the EWP for their baccalaureate degree. Only graduate students whose program requires the EWP must take this exam.

Summary of Units

Summary of Units; Step 1: Unit Requirements; Step 2: Transfer Institution Totals

The Summary of Units section provides overall information on unit and GPA requirements.

  1. Unit Requirements indicates units earned at CSUF, CSUF GPA, upper division units earned, residence upper division units earned, and major residence upper division units earned.
  2. Transfer Institution Totals indicates units earned and GPA from all of your transfer institutions (if applicable).

Cumulative Units, Cumulative GPA, and Coursework

Step 1: Cumulative Units; Step 2: Cumulative GPA; Step 3: Coursework section
  1. Cumulative Number of Units indicates the most current total number of units earned that are applicable to the undergraduate degree.
  2. Cumulative GPA indicates the most current GPA for all attempted units applicable to the undergraduate degree.
  3. Coursework provides a historical listing of courses completed at other institutions and all courses enrolled in and/or completed at CSUF by semester.

NOTE: Transfer courses that are applicable to the undergraduate degree are indicated by TRSFR and a four digit number.

Need More Help?


  • For misplaced or unevaluated GE courses, contact the Academic Advising Center in UH-123 at 657-278-3606.
  • For misplaced or unevaluated major courses, contact the major department and the major department advisor can send a Titan Degree Audit exception if necessary.
  • For missing transfer coursework or other issues/questions, contact the TItan Degree Audit office at
  • Visit the TDA website:
  • Technical issues with the TDA or accessing it? Contact the Student IT Help Desk at or 657-278-8888.

Faculty and Staff

  • To communicate to the TDA office the need for modifications to a TDA, please submit a Titan Degree Audit Exception Form. Modifications may include course waivers, substitutions, equivalencies, and/or advisor-approved courses.
  • If you are unable to access the Titan Degree Audit Exception Form or have any additional questions, please email
  • Technical issues with the TDA or accessing it? Contact the IT Help Desk at or 657-278-7777.

Please note that major requirements are based on the student's degree catalog year.