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Viewing a Student's Class Schedule, Contact Information, and Holds

This article covers how faculty can view the Student Center of a student enrolled in one of their classes. The Student Center will show the student's class schedule, contact information, and holds (also referred to as service indicators).

1. Log in to your Faculty Center.

2. Click Advisor Center.

Faculty Center

3. Click View Data for Other Students.

Advisor Center
Search for student
  1. Enter search criteria. You can enter their CWID in the ID field and/or enter their name in Last Name or First Name.
  2. Click Search.

5. You are now viewing the student's Student Center. Click Return to Search to go back.

  1. Click My Class Schedule to see the student's class schedule.
  2. Find the student's contact information in the Personal Information.
  3. Hold Information will show you any holds currently on the student's account.
  4. Click Return to Search to look up another student.

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