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How Do I Authorize Campus Departments To Release My Information To Specific People?

An authorization to release allows campus departments to release information on a student to authorized users.

This article covers how students can add or remove authorized users.

1. Log in to the portal and access your Student Center.

2. Click on Authorize to Release in the Personal Information section.

Personal information section

3. Carefully review the FERPA information and the types of information released by each campus department.

FERPA and types of information
  1. This section covers FERPA privacy and what you are agreeing to by completing this authorization.
  2. This section covers what information is released when you select these options for each authorized user.

4. Enter the name of the new authorized user, create an access code for that user, and then select the information that can be be released to them. Then click Save.

Be sure to review the information on how to complete the authorization above the list of authorized users. This section includes what information your authorized users will need to provide to request information.

adding a new authorized user
  1. Enter the first and last name of the authorized user.
  2. Create a 4-digit access code that the user will use to identify themselves when requesting information.
  3. Select the types of information that can be released to this user. For more detail on the types of information, refer to the previous step in this guide.
  4. Click Save to finish adding the authorized user.

5. Contact your authorized user to provide them with their access code and your Campus-Wide ID (CWID).

When contacting a campus department to request your information, your authorized user(s) will have to identify themselves and provide your name, your CWID, and their access code.

6. To add another authorized user, click the plus icon at the end of the row.

adding another row

6.1. Enter the information for the additional authorized user and then click Save.

adding additional authorized user

Be sure to provide the access code and your CWID to the new user(s) you added.

7. To remove an authorized user, uncheck all of the boxes next to their name and click Save.

removing an authorized user

There is no option to remove the authorized user's name completely. Simply uncheck all of the boxes next to their name, click Save, and then information will no longer be released to them.

Optionally, you can change their access code as a way to block their access, but it is not necessary.

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