How Do I Schedule an Appointment in TitanNet?

This article covers how CSUF students can schedule an appointment in TitanNet for advising, tutoring, or other services.

1. Log in to the campus portal and access TitanNet.

2. Click Make Appointment.

3. Click on the drop-down menu to select the type of appointment.

appointment type

4. Depending on the type of appointment you select, you may need to select a service category.

sub category of appointment

Some appointments require additional information in order to schedule an appointment with the correct department.

In the example above, when scheduling an appointment for advising, you need to specify the type of advising you want in order to be scheduled with the correct advising department.

5. Select the option you want for the appointment.

service list

Appointments typically require you to choose from a list of options in order to schedule you with the correct faculty or staff person who can assist you.

In the example above, I need to indicate what type of Academic Advising I want so the system can schedule me with an advisor who is qualified to provide that type of advising.

6. Click Next when you have made your selections.

7. Select a location for the appointment from the drop-down menu.

You can use the Back button to go back to a previous screen and change your selections in the Schedule Appointment wizard.


Multiple locations may be available for your selection, so choose the location that works best for you.

8. OPTIONAL: Select the specific staff member you want to see from the list of available staff.

If you do not specify a staff member, more appointment times will be available to you.

select staff member

Click in the Pick a Staff Member box to view a list of available staff members for your appointment. Select the staff member you want to see.

10. Available upcoming appointments appear. Click on a Morning or Afternoon block with available appointments to see a list of the available appointments. Or click View Drop-In Times to find out when you can drop in without an appointment.

Note that some services may only have drop-in appointments available.

  1. Click on a morning or afternoon block with available appointments to view a list of the available appointments during that block.
  2. Click View Drop-in Times to find out when you can drop in without an appointment.

11. Select an appointment time from the drop-down list.

appointment times

12. Then click Next.

13. Review the details of your appointment. Add in specific questions for the staff member and indicate if you want a confirmation email or text. Then click Confirm Appointment.

Your appointment is not finalized until you click Confirm Appointment!

It's highly recommended that you get a confirmation of your appointment via email or text.

  1. Write any specific questions you have for the staff member. This allows them to research your question before your appointment.
  2. Choose if you want a confirmation of this appointment sent to your student email and/or your mobile phone.
  3. Click Confirm Appointment.

14. You're done! Your appointment is now scheduled.

15. The appointment will show up under Upcoming Appointments on your TitanNet homepage.

upcoming appointments

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