Viewing Leave Balances and Accrual Rates

This article covers how employees can view their leave balances and leave accrual rates.

Viewing your available leave balances can help you track your available sick leave, vacation leave, personal holiday, compensatory time, and state service.

The Graduated Vacation Chart shows how much leave you accrue each month based on your years of service.

1. Log in to your portal, access Titan Online, and locate the Employee Self Service section.

View How Do I Access Human Resources article for more details about accessing Employee Self Service.

2. Select View Absence Balance under My Absence & Time Management menu on Employee Self Service.

3. Click on a tab to view information on that leave type or click Show all columns to view all available leave types.

The Employee Balance Inquiry screen appears. Click on a tab or click the Show all columns icon to view all tabs on a single screen.

  1. Absence Balances tab
    • Sick, Vacation, and Personal Holiday
  2. Compensatory Time tab
    • CTO, Holiday Credit, Holiday CTO, Excess, and ADO balances
  3. State Service for Absence tab
    • State Service, State Service Carryover, Sick Carryover, Vacation Carryover, and State FTE Carryover amounts
  4. Show all columns
    • View all of the tabs on a single screen


4. Click the Details icon to view additional details on your balances.

4.1. Select a tab to view details relating to that balance type. Click Return to go back to the previous page.

  1. Select a tab to view details relating to that leave type.
  2. Click Return to go back to the previous screen.

5. Click Graduated Vacation Chart to view the leave accrual rates based on years of service.

5.1. Review the chart. Press the Esc key to return to the previous page.

The Graduated Vacation Chart shows vacation accrual rates based on state service months and the maximum vacation and CTO credits based on bargaining unit.

Press the Esc key on your keyboard to go back.

Need More Help?

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