Faculty / Staff Pronouns

This guide provides instructions on how to designate / change your pronouns. Additionally, this guides notes areas in Canvas in which your designation will show.

If you are unfamiliar with pronouns and want to learn more about its significance, I encourage you to learn more by visiting the LGBT Queer Educational Resource page: What are Pronouns?


Step 2:

Search for Titan Online through the Search field

Click on the Titan Online link

Arrow pointing to Titan Online search

Step 3:

Click on the Titan Online button

The screen will refresh to the Titan Online home page

Step 4:

Under the Employee Self Service section, click on the Pronouns link

Arrow pointing to Pronouns link

Step 5:

Read the Pronouns instructional statement

Step 6:

Click on the Pronouns dropdown caret to see the list of options

Step 7:

Select your preferred pronoun

Highlight of Pronoun dropdown options

Based on your selection, the Subject / Object / Possessive fields will populate

He/Him/His example

Arrow pointing to populated selected item

She/Her/Hers example

Arrow pointing to populated selected item

They/Them/Theirs example

Arrow pointing to populated selected item

Use Name/Use Name/Use Name example

Arrow pointing to populated selected item

Not Listed

  • If the Not Listed option is selected, you will be required to indicate your Subject
  • Object and Possessive are optional for the Not Listed selection
Arrow pointing to empty fields

Examples of Not Listed:

She / Her populated fields
He / Him populated fields
They / Them populated fields
Ze / Zir / Zirs populated fields
Ey / Em populated fields

Step 8:

When you are done, click the Save button

Arrow pointing to Save button

Your Pronoun preference will show in various places throughout Canvas as noted below


Discussion page highlighting pronoun appearance


Profile page highlighting pronoun appearance



People page highlighting pronoun appearance

Need More Help?

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