Uploading COVID-19 Vaccination Record

Newly Admitted Students - You will gain access to the Titan Health Portal 48 hours after accepting enrollment and paying any required fees.

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The Titan Health Portal is the approved and HIPAA-compliant method for uploading immunization records on campus. While this portal is used by both students and employees, only Point and Click Solutions will be reviewing uploaded employee vaccination records. The University’s Information Technology Security Office examined the information security responses PNC provided and determined that PNC meets the University’s requirements to process, store and transmit Personal Health Information (PHI).

In the event of a reported exposure on campus, the CSUF COVID-19 Response Team may review self-reported information provided in the upload process, including dates of injection. This information will only be reviewed to determine if self-quarantine instructions are necessary. The CSUF COVID-19 Response Team will not have access to view the uploaded immunization records.

1. Navigate to the Titan Health Portal

Open your browser to https://hcmw.fullerton.edu/

  • We recommend the Google Chrome browser

2. Enter your campus username and password

CSUF authentication Login page.

3. Duo authentication is required

CSUF DUO (two-factored) Authentication page.

4. Enter your Date of Birth

CSUF Health Portal Date of Birth Authentication page.

5. Click Medical Clearances

CSUF Health Portal Home page.

6. Update the "Items required for clearance"

  • Select the Update buttons to access the following required clearances:
    • Consent to share COVID-19 Vaccination Compliance
    • COVID-19 Vaccination
    • Privacy Practices Notice
CSUF Health Portal Medical Clearances.

7. Upload the COVID-19 Vaccination clearance

CSUF  Health Portal COVID-19 Vaccination Upload page.
  • Click Upload and choose a picture or other image file (PDF, PNG, JPEG) of your COVID-19 Vaccination Record.  Then enter the date(s) you received one or both vaccine doses.  Also, choose the vaccine type that you received.
    • NOTE: There is a file size limit, if the image file you are trying to upload is too large try taking a screenshot on your computer.
  • Vaccination records uploaded by CSUF employees (not including student employees) will be reviewed and verified by Point and Click Solutions.  Information uploaded by students (including student employees) will be verified and reviewed by Health Services personnel.  Data shared with Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion (for all employees) and the Dean of Students Office (for students) will include compliance with the vaccination requirements, not specific vaccination records.

8. COVID-19 Medical Clearance - Awaiting Review

CSUF  Health Portal Medical Clearance page after compliance completion.

Once your vaccine record has been uploaded, you will have to wait for someone to review your Health Records.  If additional information is needed, a secure Message will be sent to you through the Health Portal.

Please allow 2-3 business days for this process to be completed.  During times of high volume, it could take longer.    

After updating all three required clearances, you should see a Success message at the top of your screen.

You can now Log Out of your Health Portal. 

Thank you!