How to Upload your Exemption Form

Newly Admitted Students - You will gain access to the Titan Health Portal 48 hours after accepting enrollment and paying any required fees.

Helpful links:

1. Navigate to the Titan Health Portal

Open your browser to

  • The Google Chrome browser is recommended

Enter your campus username and password

CSUF authentication Login page.

3. Duo authentication is required

CSUF DUO (two-factored) Authentication page.

4. Confirm your Date of Birth

CSUF Health Services Date of Birth Authentication page.
  1.  Click "Downloadable Forms" on the left toolbar,
  2. Click "Download" on the correct Exemption Request form.
  3. Upload your completed form using the corresponding "Upload" button.
    • Remember to sign and date your form.
  4.  When you are done uploading your document(s),  click Save.
CSUF Health Services Downloadable Forms page.

6. Successful Submission

You should see this "Success" notification after uploading your documents.  You can always come back and see what was uploaded and/or upload additional documents as needed.  It may take 2 weeks for your Exemption Form to be reviewed.

Use the Log Out link when you are done.

CSUF Health Services Downloadable Forms "Success" page.