Compliance Course Waive Guide

This guide will walk you through the recommended method for waiving a user for a compliance training. 

Part 1) Checking that User is Registered

First thing is to verify that the user is registered for the class. If not, you can register the user on their behalf

Step 1:

Go to the search bar

Arrow pointing to search bar

Click the Learning drop down

Arrow pointing to Learning drop-down

Step 2:

Select People

Arrow pointing to People option

Step 3:

Enter the user's name and click on the magnifying glass icon

Arrow pointing to magnifying glass icon

Step 4:

Go to the individual's profile, click on the More Action ellipses

Select Emulate Employee

Arrow pointing to Emulate Employee option

Step 5:

Click on their Assigned Learning tile

Arrow pointing to Assigned Learning tile

Step 6:

If the user is not registered, click the Register button on their behalf

Arrow pointing to Register button

A congratulatory note will appear on the top of the screen informing you that you (the user) is now registered

Arrow pointing to Confirmation notification

Step 7:

Click the Done button to exit

Arrow pointing to Done button

Domain Listing for Compliance Courses

COI Systemwide - CSU
Data Security Systemwide - CSU
DDT Skillsoft Percipio
IIPP Systemwide - CSU
SHP Systemwide - CSU
SHPNS Systemwide - CSU
Title IX Systemwide - CSU

Part 2) Changing the Domain to Waive

Step 8:

Click Administration, then the Change button 

For compliance courses we will change the domain to waive them at the compliance course level. 

The record will be reflected at the curriculum level once the history is updated at the course level.

Arrow pointing to Change button

Step 9:

Select the appropriate option (see list at bottom for reference)

Example: Systemwide CSU option

Arrow pointing to radio button

Step 10:

Click the OK button 

Arrow pointing to OK button

The page will refresh to the following view

Domain Administration View

Step 11:

Click the Administration link, then the Learning Activities link

Highlight of Administration link and Learning Activities link

Step 12:

Search for the course in the search bar

Highlight of search field

Step 13:

Click on the Manager Roster caret for the coordinating course

Arrow pointing to  Manage Roster button

Select Manager Roster

Arrow pointing to Manager Roster selection

Step 14:

Search for the user 

Arrow pointing to Search field

Step 15:

Select the user by checking the coordinating checkbox

Arrow pointing to checkbox

Step 16:

Click the Status caret and select Waived

Arrow pointing to Waived Status option

Step 17:

Click on the Calendar icon to select the Waived date

Arrow pointing to Calendar icon

Select the appropriate date

Arrow pointing to Calendar

Step 18:

Click the OK button to exit

Highlight of OK button

Step 19:

Click the OK button to confirm you want to make the update

Arrow pointing to OK button

Step 20:

Leave a reason for the waive

Arrow pointing to Enter reason text box

It is important to leave a reason as reports can later be ran to review notes 

Step 21:

Click the OK button 

Arrow pointing to OK button

Step 22: (IMPORTANT)

Click the Administration link and click the Change button 

Arrow pointing to Change button

Step 23:

Select Fullerton

Arrow pointing to Fullerton selection

Step 24:

Click the OK button 

Arrow pointing to OK button

Need More Help?

For more help, or for domain access, please contact the Employee Training Center: