Compliance Course Information - Course Owners

This guide show you where you and/or a user can find general compliance training information as well as estimated completion times.

General Compliance Course Information

General Compliance Information Location 1 - FAQs:

A compliance training information chart can be found on the ETC website under the first FAQ

Arrow pointing to first FAQ

Compliance course information provided includes:

  • Who it is assigned to
  • Estimated minimum completion time
  • Frequency
  • What the user can retake the course
  • Course owner contact information
FAQ chart

General Compliance Information Location 2 -Compliance training tile:

 Compliance training information can also be found on the main page via the Compliance training information tile. 

Arrow pointing to Compliance training information tile

Information provided here includes:

  • Explanation of 'All Employee' and Criteria based' assignments
  • Course owner
  • Frequency
  • Estimated time
Compliance Training page overview
Estimated Time for Completion Information

Currently Available

Completion Information Location 1 in FAQ as noted in General Compliance Course Information

Completion Information Location 2 in Compliance Training tile as noted in General Compliance Course Information

Just Added

Estimated Completion Time Location 1 - Notes: 

Notes section of Learning Activity

Click on the Details link

Arrow pointing to Details tab

Click on the Notes caret

Arrow pointing to Notes caret

Estimated time for completion will be noted

Highlight of estimated time note

Estimated Completion Time Location 2 - Notifications:

Course Notifications

The estimated time for completion has been added to all notifications with the exception of the Completion notification. This applies to the following courses:

  • COI
  • Title IX
  • SHP
  • Data Security
Arrow pointing to estimated time note in notification