Emeritus Training

If an Emeriti is receiving assignments/notifications it is due to the fact that they have an Active profile in HR.

The Employee Training Center pulls all Active profiles which subsequently get assigned trainings and receive notifications.

The guide below provides two steps for Emeritus to verify / clear their training needs.

Step 1 (Optional):

The individual can contact HR to inquire about their status (verify if they should be listed as Active or not)


[email protected]


If the Active status is correct, they can contact the course owner to determine if they need to take the training. (See Step 2)

Step 2:

The Emeritus can contact the course owner directly for assistance in determining if they need to take the training (see course owner information below)

If they do not need to take the training, the course owner will take the appropriate actions in the system to address the training.

Course Course Owner
Avoiding Conflicts of Interest (COI)
John Beisner
Campus Health and Safety Requirements - Online
Marcus Andronic
CSU: Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Program for Non-Supervisors (SHPNS)
John Hrbacek
CSU Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Program for Supervisors (SHP)
Sarah Bauer
Data Security & FERPA
Hector Ramirez
Defensive Driver Program
Marcus Andronic
Gender Equity and Title IX

Sarah Bauer 
Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
Marcus Andronic
Understanding the Clery Act
Anne Grogan
Protecting Payment Card Information (PCI DSS)
Janet Le

Need More Help?

Please contact the Employee Training Center: