How to Upload your COVID-19 Exemption Form

Exemption Forms Below:

1. Navigate to the Titan Health Portal

Open your browser to

Newly Admitted Students - You must accept enrollment and then 48 hours after accepting your enrollment and paying any required fees you will gain access to the Titan Health Portal.  Helpful links:

Enter your campus username and password

CSUF authentication Login page.

3. Duo authentication is required

CSUF DUO (two-factored) Authentication page.

4. Enter your Date of Birth

CSUF Health Services Date of Birth Authentication page.
CSUF Health Services Homepage.

5. Upload your Exemption Forms using the "COVID-19 Vaccination" Module

Covid-19 Vaccine Exemption Request:

  • Use the COVID-19 Vaccination Update button to upload your Exemption Request.
  • Upload the appropriate Exemption Request form. (Medical or Religious)
  • Upload any appropriate supporting documentation, per instructions on the Exemption Request form.
  • Please allow 5-7 business days for a decision regarding your request.
CSUF Health Portal - Medical Clearances Page

6. Click the "Upload" button to upload your Exemption Documents

***Please ignore the Vaccination dose section at the bottom of this window.  You can use the "Upload" button to submit your Exemption Form and supporting documents.  If you make a mistake, you can remove what you uploaded and try again.  You can also upload multiple documents by clicking the upload button a second or third time after uploading each document.   Rest assured your Exemption Form and supporting documents will get to the correct personnel for review.

CSUF Health Portal - COVID-19 Upload Page

7. Verify Each Upload

Each time you upload a document, you will see this screen and can decide to cancel the upload or choose the green "Looks Good" button to complete the upload.

CSUF Health Portal - Verify Upload Page

8. Submitting Documentation

This is what the screen should look like after uploading a COVID-19 Exemption form and any additional supporting documents.  After you have uploaded all supporting documents, please click "Done".  Do not click "Done" until you have uploaded all of your documents.  Once you click "Done," you will not have a chance to "Remove" or edit documents. 

CSUF Health Portal - COVID-19 Upload Page after Uploading All Exemption Documents

9. Successful Submission

You should see this "Success" notification after Uploading your documents.  The "Status" of your COVID-19  Vaccination Exemption will show "Not Compliant" until it has been reviewed.  You will be emailed if any further action is required.

CSUF Health Portal - Successful Uploading Documents from Medical Clearances Page