Course Owner

Course Owner

A course owner is a designated person from the department that owns the course. They are responsible for:

  • course settings and / or
  • course assignments and / or
  • waiving assignments
  • course notifications and / or
  • monitoring completion rates for their course*

* mostly needed for compliance courses


Waiving is at the discretion of the course owner. 

How to Waive

Waiving is usually requested in the two scenarios:

Waiving a completed course

If a course status is not updating to complete, the employee may request a course be waived. 

The employee training center initially assists to:

  •  see if there are any technical issues preventing a completion status from updating
  • assist the user in capturing 'proof' which is usually a screenshot of their last screen of the training

It will then be up to the course owner to asses the 'proof' and if they choose to waive the course. 

Waiving a course they don't want to / need to take

It is up to the course owner to:

  1. explain the reason they were assigned / why they have to take the course
  2. determine if it is appropriate to waive the course. This includes checking with their supervisors, HRDI or any other entity as appropriate to determine if they need to take the training.


More information coming soon



Is responsible for general and technical Learning Management use questions such as:

  • How do I login?
  • How do I see training that is assigned to me?
  • I can't see the training.

Course Owner

Are responsible for answering questions that pertain to assignments, such as:

  • Why do I have to take this training?
  • Do I have to take this training?
  • Can this training be waived?

This questions will usually be forwarded from the Employee Training Center. However uses may contact the designated contact as listed on a assignment notification.

Please see the Employee Training Center website for additional information and FAQs.