How to Schedule a COVID-19 Testing Appointment

The Health Portal is your HIPAA-compliant site where you can upload your COVID-19 immunization record or schedule a COVID-19 test.  Please follow the directions below for scheduling a re-entry/surveillance test or symptomatic/exposed test.  The University’s Information Technology Security Office examined the information security responses PNC provided and determined that PNC meets the University’s requirements to process, store and transmit Personal Health Information (PHI).

Weekly surveillance testing is required for all students and employees who have not uploaded their COVID-19 vaccine record. Please review the following information prior to scheduling a surveillance testing appointment.

  • Surveillance testing is available once per calendar week at the CSUF Mass Testing Site (located just north of Titan Shops). The Mass Testing Site Hours are Monday – Thursday, from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm, and Friday from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm. Please plan to spend approximately 15 minutes at the testing site.
  • You cannot eat, drink, smoke/vape, or brush your teeth/use mouthwash in the 60 minutes prior to your test.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling your surveillance test appointment.
  • It is recommended that you schedule your weekly surveillance test on the same day each week (for example, every Tuesday). If you need to come to the testing site at a different time but on the same day of your scheduled appointment, there is no need to reschedule; simply come to the site as soon as you can. You will need to cancel and reschedule appointments in the event you need to complete the COVID-19 test on a separate day.
  • Surveillance testing appointments can be scheduled only once every five calendar days. For example, if you are tested on a Friday in one week, you will not be able to make another surveillance testing appointment until five days after that test, so Wednesday or later on the following week. The Appointment scheduling system will produce an error if you attempt to schedule more than one surveillance testing appointment within a five calendar day period.
  • Individuals who are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19 will have access to testing, regardless of your last scheduled surveillance test. This testing will be available at Student Wellness, not the Mass Testing site.
  • Do not come to the Mass Testing Site if you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Instead, please go to Student Wellness to be tested. Testing hours at Student Wellness are available online at No appointment is necessary.

1. Navigate to the Health Portal

Open your browser to

2. Enter your campus username and password

3. Duo authentication is required

If you need to start over, you can click the "Home" or the  "Appointments" link on the left navigation panel at any time.

6. Medical Clearances must be acknowledged before Scheduling an Appointment

Three Medical Clearances must be acknowledged before you can Schedule an Appointment.  Please click on Medical Clearances and update the following three clearances if they are NOT marked as Compliant:

  • Consent to share with COVID-19 Testing Information
  • Health Services Informed Consent
  • Privacy Practices Notice.

You may have already completed one or more of the clearances.  By clicking on the Schedule an Appointment button,  the system will tell you what you still need to acknowledge.  These acknowledgments only need to be completed once per year.  You will be able to schedule future appointments without doing this step again. 

7. Fulfill the following compliance requirements

If you see this screen when you click on the Schedule an Appointment button, please click on the Medical Clearances on the left navigation panel to complete the required acknowledgments.

8. Update the required Medical Clearances

If you have already done this, then you can skip this step.  Clearances will be marked Compliant when you have read and acknowledged them on the Health Portal.  You will need your CWID for the Privacy Practices Notice.  Type your full name for your Signature and then submit.  You may have to go back to the Medical Clearances link until all three are marked Compliant.  Once completed, you are ready to Schedule an Appointment.  Click Appointments on the left panel.

9. Schedule an Appointment

Once your Medical Clearances are satisfied, click Schedule an Appointment and continue through the scheduling process.

10. Please Complete the Screening questions to be directed to the correct Covid-19 Testing location.

11. Select the appropriate screening option

If you have NOT tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 90 days, have NOT been exposed to Covid-19 in the past two weeks, and do NOT have any symptoms, then please select the 4th option and click Continue.  You will be directed to schedule an appointment at the Mass Testing Site.

If you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you will be directed to schedule an appointment at Student Wellness.  Please reference the appointment location on your confirmation email to ensure you arrive at the appropriate testing site.

12. Please select Student or Employee

  • Select "student" if you are a student or student employee. (Student assistant, graduate assistant, or teaching assistant.)
  • Select "employee" if you are a professional staff member at CSUF, ASI or ASC.

13. Confirm Contact Information

Please review and update your Contact Information by clicking on the Edit links.  If everything is correct, then click Continue.  Note: if you would like text notifications, go to the Profile link on the left navigation panel and update your Mobile Phone and Mobile Phone Carrier.  If either of those two attributes are blank, then SMS text messages will not be sent to your mobile device.

14. Race/Ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity are used for Covid-19 statistics for the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Orange County Health Care Agency.


As part of its commitment to reduce health inequities, the state has launched a Health Equity Dashboard on that tracks California’s health equity measure and data by race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

CDPH updates data tables on race/ethnicity weekly.

15. Select a Date for Testing

Use the calendar icon to select the date of your desired appointment and then click on the Search for appointments button.  If your preferred time is not available, please select a different date as appointment times may have been filled.

16. Pick your Covid-19 Testing Time

Scroll down to see all the available appointment times (the list can get long).  If you cannot find a time that works for you, please click the Calendar icon and change the date of your search and click the Search for appointments again.

17. Confirm Appointment

Review all text on this page, as it provides you with important information about your identified appointment.  If you are satisfied, click Confirm.  You can also Retry or Cancel at this stage.

18. Almost Done

Review how you would like to save your Appointment Barcode.  This barcode will be required at the time of your Covid-19 testing appointment.  There are multiple ways you can access this barcode at a later date, including through the Health Portal and in your confirmation email.  Click Continue and your appointment will be confirmed.

19. Review or Cancel your Appointment

Return to the Appointments screen and Show your Barcode, or Cancel your Appointment if you need to reschedule.

20. Show Barcode at Appointment

You can access the Appointment screen on your Health Portal and click the Show Barcode that shows your appointment time and testing location.  You can also see this information in your appointment confirmation which will be sent to your CUF email. 

21. Cancel Appointment

To cancel an appointment, log back into your Health Portal as shown above and click on the Appointments button or link to get to the Cancel Appointment link shown in #19 of this ScreenStep Guide.  Once there, choose your Reason for the cancellation and then click the OK button.  If there is no suitable reason, select "Other."