SLL Assigning by Period

These instructions are to guide a course owner in assigning with a fixed due date, such as by academic year. This will be a combined process as outlined below:


  1. Create a new organization each semester (SLL)
  2. Manage the new organization (SLL)
  3. Create new audience each semester (ETC)
  4. Every semester delete the old audience (ETC)
  5. Attach the new audience (ETC)

Note: There is an extra check box which is “Ignore Previous Completion” which will ignore the users previous completion and assign it brand new again.

Create an Organization (SLL)

Step 1

Go to Admin > Common Objects > Data > Organization

Step 2

Click on the New drop down button

Select New Organization

New Organization option

Step 3

Fill out the following information:

  1. Organization Name:                       SOA Spring 2020
  2. Code / ID                                              FULLERTON-ASGN-SOAS20
  3. Hierarchy Name:                              FUNCTIONAL
  4. Parent Organization                       Fullerton Assignment Group

Naming Conventions

Organization Name:     SOA Spring 2020                              [Area, Class Designation] 

Code/ ID:                           FULLERTON-ASGN-SOAS20        [Univ., Type, Area, Designation]

Step 4

Click Save

Add users to an Organization (SLL)

Step 5

From the home screen

Go to Common Objects > Data > Organizations

Step 6

Locate your organization

Click Fullerton, Then Fullerton Assignment Group or use the Search field

Step 7

Check the box next to your Assignment group, then click Edit or 

Click on the Organization Name link

Step 8

Click on the Users menu item

Click Add User

Step 8

Search for the user using the search field

Step 9

Check the box next to the name of the person you would like to add

Step 10

Click Add Selected

Step 11

Enter today's date for the Join date

DO NOT check the Primary Organization box

Step 12

Click Save

Note: You will not be removing people from the organization, rather you will be creating new organizations each semester. and then deleting the old organization. 

Manage Organization

Throughout the period, add and remove as appropriate

Managing a Organization's Users

Create a new Audience (ETC)

Step 1

Submit a email to ETC requesting a new Audience created.

Step 2

Provide the new organization name and code


                        Student Org. Advisors_09/26/20-05/01/21


Note: This may take 1-2 business days

Delete old Audience (ETC)

Note: History will remain in tact

Attach new Audience to Class (ETC)

ETC will respond to the previously opened ticket, notifying of the following:

  1. Creation of new Audience
  2. Deletion of old Audience
  3. Attachment of new Organization