IT Asset Self-Assessment & Validation

This article covers how campus users can complete the IT Asset Self-Assessment & Validation.

Please note that this process is for personal assets that you use and not for department assets for which you are a custodian (e.g., computer used by student workers).

2. If prompted, log in to the campus portal with your username and password. You may also be prompted to authenticate with Duo.

portal login

3. Select an unverified asset from the list on the left.

All of the IT assets that have been assigned to you should be showing in the Unverified assets list.

My IT Assets page

4. Click on the Declare State drop-down menu and then select the option that best describes the status of this asset.

The Asset tag field will either contain the number on the CSU Fullerton asset tag sticker on the item or a serial number associated with the device (e.g., mobile devices usually do not have an asset tag sticker placed on them, so the Asset tag will list the serial number).

Don't recognize the device or need more information about it? You may want to do an internet search of the Model as often an image and more details about the device may be available online which may help you identify the device.

If you still have questions, contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777 for assistance.

declare state of asset
  1. Click on the Declare State drop-down menu.
  2. Then select the option that best describes the status of this asset.

5. Click Submit.

submit declared state

6. You will see additional pop-up windows requesting information or verification.

6.1. You may be asked for additional information such as an approximate date the asset was returned or a location for the asset. After entering the information, click OK.

This is a free-form field, so you can type in additional comments about this item as well as the date/location information.

date pop-up and location pop-up
  1. Provide the requested additional information, such as the approximate date when the device was returned or the location where the device is located.
  2. Then click OK.

6.2. You may be prompted to confirm that you have an asset in your possession or that you were never assigned the asset. Click OK to confirm.

verify asset accounted for pop-up and confirm asset never assigned pop-up

6.3. If you choose Lost/Stolen, you will be prompted to fill out a Report lost or stolen equipment form. Click OK and the form will open in this window.

Once you fill out the form, you will be returned to your asset list.

report lost or stolen

7. The asset is now moved to the Verified assets list on the right. Click on another asset in the unverified assets list and repeat these steps until all of your assets have been verified.

updated unverified asset list

8. If you have an asset that was not in the list, click Declare asset not listed.

declare asset not listed

8.1. Enter the Asset number, Serial number, and Description for the item. Then click Submit.

Description of item is the only required field, but Asset number and Serial number are highly recommended to better track the item.

add additional asset
  1. Enter the Asset number for the asset, which is usually on a CSU Fullerton asset tag sticker on the item.
  2. Enter the Serial number for the asset. Depending on the asset/device, this could be located on the outside of the device or you may have to turn on the device to locate it.
  3. Enter a Description of item. The more details that you provide, the easier it will be to track this device in the future.
  4. Then click Submit.

9. Need to make a correction? Double click on an asset to edit your declaration.

verified asset list

9.1. Make the change to your declaration for this asset. Then click Submit.

correct an entry

10. You're done! Thank you for verifying your IT assets.

Need More Help?

Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777.