Avoid Color Reliance

Colors alone should not be used to convey information because it could impact those who have a visual impairment. For example, the list below (1) identifies mushrooms that are edible and poisonous. The legend at the bottom indicates that the green ones are edible or the red ones are poisonous. A person who is blind, color blind, or have low vision would have difficulty identifying which is which. The solution is to separate the list into 2 lists; one list identifying the edible mushrooms and the second list identifying the poisonous mushrooms.

1. List of edible and poisonous mushrooms.

List of edible and poisonous mushrooms respectively in green and red

2. One list of edible mushrooms and another list of poisonous mushrooms.

Two separate lists. One identifies edible mushrooms and another identifies poisonous mushrooms.

Buttons on web pages should be labeled so colors alone don't identify their functions. In the example below, it's clear that the red button will take the user back the previous section while the green button will take them to the next chapter.

Red button to go back and green button to go to the next chapter